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Room Reservations is a module for making and managing room reservations.

It was initially developed by Randall Library at the University of North Carolina Wilmington to allow students, faculty, and staff to reserve group study rooms within the library. However, it can be employed by any organization to provide an easy to use room reservation system.


The application displays a calendar of rooms that can be reserved. Users make a reservation by selecting an open time slot for a particular room and then filling out a reservation form. Once a reservation is made, confirmation messages and reminders can be sent to multiple parties by email and SMS text message. Users are also able to view, update, and cancel existing reservations.


reservation calendar

Configuration Options

The module can be configured in a number of ways to meet different needs. Some of the elements that can be customized include:

  • application name
  • room categories
  • rooms
  • hours by day when reservations can be made
  • reservation policies
  • reservation instructions
  • SMS wireless network information
  • reservation confirmation messages
  • reservation reminder messages
  • time of day when reminders are sent

Extended Documentation

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.


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This looks fantastic, but I can't seem to find the module, only your documentation of the module.

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I love this work in progress, it's almost exactly what I need to add a booking system to my internal work application.

I'm wondering if it's possible to set hours per catagory, or per resource/room? I have 2 catagories, and each has 2 or 3 programs that run at different times. I know currently the module is set to have a general open/closed time, but being able to have seperate times for seperate rooms would be amazing.

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This looks to be one of the most polished "reservation" systems out there, any plans for a v7.x release.

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a bit late to be asking.. but has anyone done a D7 port of this?

We have started to port this over to D7 for one of our clients (MIT).

I have portions working but still a week or so to complete. Redid data structures to use nodes with fields. Did this for categories, rooms and reservations. Likely categories could have been a taxonomy and reservations maybe a custom entity - but still too much overhead in D7 to not just simply use nodes.

I'll also likely redo the my reservations and room listings pages with Views (now that everything are nodes with fields this is pretty simple).

Also, my client is asking to add some features like repeated bookings and date ranges.

still lots to do; but pretty decent progress:

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Hi, where can i download the module?

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i will likely have a first cut of this module up as a new D7 project by next week.

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i'm very happy!

kevinjmkelly’s picture

excellent looking forwarding to using it.

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please, news about the module?

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I promised to have a D7 port available a couple weeks ago but Bob (the sandbox owner) has not been able to get me added yet as a contributor to the sandbox/project. In lieu of this; here is a ZIP of our current D7 version of this module. Once we get me added i will promote this to a full project and submit this code there.

- std Drupal fields are now used as well as nodes for rooms, categories and reservations. This allows many standard Drupal modules to be used such as Views.
- the original pages for My Reservations and Room Listings have now been replaced by views
- there is most likely a lot of "dead" code still included in the D7 code; it is of 2 types:
1. code which is and won't be required anymore due to architecture changes such as using fields/nodes - but that i havent gotten around to cleaning out yet
2. features from the D6 version which have not yet been ported over to D7 (but which will hopefully be done at some point by us or anyone nice enough to contribute, or contribute by funding us or someone else). This is mostly the notification system.

- major node/field architecture changes to better align with D7 way of doing things and use of Views where applicable.
- repeat booking feature: can book all days from current day until day selected or can book all day of the week until day selected.
- private booking: allow the group name (i.e. Reservation title) to be hidden
- expanded user permissions
- use date popup calendar to select calendar date
- more options for both extended and standard book ahead limits which allows admins to pre-book rooms up to a year in advance
- fix how default hours works (i don't think it worked correctly in D6 version)
- use Qtip to show Room descriptions on hover:

- have not yet ported over the notification system (feel free to provide a patch or funding)

hmm.. i can't attach files here; so feel free to grab the D7 version here:

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@liquidcms: I noticed that you made the first commit to the studyroom module after the initial port of room_reservations from D6 to D7: How does your involvement with studyroom related to maintaining room_reservations?

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After configuring a category, room and making a reservation, I am having an issue when trying to select a different date from the drop down date picker on the calendar page. It is not able to change to the desired date I select. I suspect the error is in room_reservations.js around the change calendar date displayed function

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This is a similar D7 version of this module. It is 100% entity based (no nodes), complete ground up coded module, currently in active use at my college.

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Amazing module, but I can't find anyway to configure the email/sms settings. The screenshots show radio buttons to choose default email or enter email and the file also shows code for these entries, but they are not to be found anyway in my interface.

liquidcms’s picture

the email/sms part of this was not ported over from D6. Patches/funding gladly accepted. :)

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The module would be very helpful for me, however upon installing and configuring I got the following messages:

"Notice: Undefined index: und in theme_room_reservations() (line 185 of C:\"

Could anyone be of assistance as to how I can correct this problem?

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please post issues to the project issue queue.