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ceaZine custom formatter provides a Booklet that displays images as a book with flip page effect.

ceaZine together with PDF to ImageField is an easy solution for displaying pdf files content as images. An easy solution without flash, only css, javascript and html.

How to use ceaZine

You can use ceaZine as custom formatter:

  1. Go to "Admin/Structure/Content types" and select the content type.
  2. Go to "Manage display" and select "ceaZine" format. No additional configuration is needed.

Also you can use the ceaZine content type. This contains a custom control provided by PDF to ImageField module. This module hides the image control, that is configured with ceaZine. If you edit the PDF to ImageField control you can change this, and show the image control.

In both cases, ceaZine provides an image link. When clicking in the image, a Colorbox frame is displayed with a Booklet in the middle.
The user can navigate through the book clicking in pages.

If the Service Links module is enabled, various social media links (ie: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) are displayed in the Colorbox head.

ceaZine also provides a list of ceaZine contents and a block with the most recent ceaZines.


Drupal modules

jQuery libraries


PDF to ImageField needs ImageMagick installed on the server. If the convert utility is not available, the node is saved, but the images collection is empty.
You can see in the PDF to ImageField project how to enable ImageMagick.

Libraries installation

You must install Colorbox, Booklet and Easing libraries.

You can install the libraries with drush commands:

  • drush colorbox-plugin
  • drush booklet-plugin
  • drush easing-plugin

If you can't use drush, you must download the libraries and copy to the sites/all/libraries directory using the following steps for each plugin.

Colorbox installation

  1. Download the colorbox plugin from
  2. Unzip this file in sites/all/libraries
  3. You must find the jquery.colorbox.js file in sites/all/libraries/colorbox/colorbox

Booklet installation

  1. Download the booklet plugin from
  2. Unzip this file in sites/all/libraries
  3. You must find the jquery.booklet.1.4.0.js file in sites/all/libraries/booklet/booklet

Easing installation

  1. Download the easing plugin from
  2. Copy this file in sites/all/libraries/easing
  3. You must find the jquery.easing.1.3.js file in sites/all/libraries/easing

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