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The Planyo module downloadable here is a bridge to the Planyo reservation system.

If you would like to use it, you need to have a Planyo account first. You can create one by signing up. All accounts are free and with no obligation for the first 2 months so you can thoroughly test the system. After signing up, create your Planyo site. On the help page you will find many materials, including video tutorials, that will guide you through the process of creating an online reservation site and adding rooms, apartments, boats or other types of resources.

The Drupal module allows you to seemlessly embed the Planyo reservation form on your Drupal site. This way, even though the backend is accessible through the Planyo website, your clients will always stay on your web site throughout the whole reservation process. Once you download the module, unpack all files to the planyo directory directly inside the modules directory (make sure the directory has read permissions for all users). Then go to Administer / Site building / Modules, enable the Planyo module and save the configuration.

Next, go to Administer / Site configuration / module settings. Change Planyo site ID to your site's identifier (you can find your site ID in the Settings section of the admin panel). Click Save configuration.

The Planyo form is now available at /planyo or ?q=planyo.

After inserting the planyo form on the chosen page, this form will display, depending on usage, an availability search form (with results), a reservation form, or other Planyo-related content required for the reservation process. After choosing one of the components available in the last step of the integration wizard found in Site settings / integrate with your site (the components being: Availability search box, Calendar preview or 'Make reservation' button) you should enter the full URL of the page with the planyo form (ending in ?q=planyo or /planyo) in the URL of the reservation page on your site field. This way, using any of these components will keep the visitor on your website (to be more specific, on the page with the planyo form) throughout the reservation process.

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.