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Payment is a fully pluggable and reusable platform for processing payments. Modules implementing it and payment methods are completely unaware of each other, which means that any module can use any payment method plugged into Payment and vice versa.
This handbook section describes the thoughts behind and the workflow of the Payment project, which is useful for site builders and developers.

For callback documentation, see the places where those callbacks are supposed to be configured, e.g. for the payment finish callback, which is Payment::finish_callback, see the declaration of that property in the Payment class definition.

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.


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Hi all,
I am using the payment module to let user pay extra features.
What I want to do is the following:
- add an paiment reference field to a given content type, so the user pay before saving the content type (this is done)
- regularly update the content user paid for, so it appears on top of the website. However, for doing this, I need to create a view that returns all the nodes for which the payment refered by the payment reference field has status completed.
I cannot do this, and I do not see any relationship within the views module that allows to establish a relationship between a given node and a given payment, so that I can check the status of the paiment.
Please could help me doing this.

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This is the handbook. Please don't post support questions here, but in the issue queue.

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Oh, I didn't know.
I will post the message there.