Payment is a generic payment platform which allows other modules to use any of the payment methods that plug into Payment. With Payment we only need one one Paypal, one credit card and one iDEAL module to use with every single webshop or payment form that you want (applies to any payment method that works with Payment). This shortens development time and improves support, because only one instead of three Paypal modules need to be maintained, and simplifies UX, because all payment (method) information is now located in one place.

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submodule requires is enhanced by integrates with
The main API
Payment Form Field
Provides a field to add payment forms to entities.
Basic Payment Method
A 'dumb' payment method type that always successfully executes payments, but never actually transfers money. It can be useful for collect on delivery, free orders, testing, and more.
  • Payment
Payment Reference Field
Provides a field to add payments to entities.
  • is enhanced by means the submodule offers extra features when the listed modules are enabled.
  • integrates with means the listed modules offer extra features when the submodule is enabled.

Modules that use Payment to transfer money

module requires description
Payment Form Field Adds a payment form to any entity to let visitors pay when viewing the entity.
Payment Reference Field Allows/requires users to pay when creating entities.
Drupal Commerce Payment for Drupal Commerce Makes all payment methods usable within Drupal Commerce.
Ubercart Payment for Ubercart Makes all payment methods usable within Ubercart.
Basic cart #1541916: Payment/Basic Cart integration Allows orders to be paid from within the webshop (under development)
Webform Payment for Webform Provides a payment reference component.
Payment donation form Provides a block with a simple donation form.

Payment methods

This module is compatible with PHP 7.

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