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Webform is the module for making surveys in Drupal. After a submission, users may be sent an e-mail "receipt" as well as sending a notification to administrators. Results can be exported into Excel or other spreadsheet applications. Webform also provides some basic statistical review and has and extensive API for expanding its features.

Some good examples could be contests, personalized contact forms, or petitions. Each of these could have a customized form for end-users to fill out. If you need to build a lot of customized, one-off forms, Webform is a more suitable solution than creating content types and using CCK or Field module.

Explanation of Webform vs. CCK (or Fields).
Important issues on upgrading from Webform 3 to 4.


7.x-4.x: This is the most highly maintained branch. It receives all new features and bugs are activity investigated.

  • Requires PHP 5.3, CTools, and Views 3.
  • Upgrading to Webform 7.x-4.2+. Webform now uses Views to display the webform submissions and results table. If you have themed or modified these tables, you may wish to continue with the now-deprecated hard-coded tables. Change record.
  • Upgrading from Webform 3.x to 4.x. All users are strongly urged to upgrade to 7.x-4.x. Users upgrading from 3.x to 4.x should do a database backup before attempting to upgrade. For a full list of API changes that may affect your site, see the upgrading from Webform 3.x to 4.x documentation. Ensure that all webform-related modules are compatible with 7.x-4.x before upgrading.

6.x: Critical bug fixes only. If you are interested in maintaining this branch to a higher level of support, post in the issue queue.
7.x-3.x: Critical bug fixes only. If you are interested in maintaining this branch to a higher level of support, post in the issue queue.
8.x: A port of the existing functionality, implemented with appropriate Drupal 8 technologies is underway. Contributors needed; see the issue queue.

Webform related projects

Maintainers of Webform-related modules. Please provide support for Webform 4.x if you haven't already.

Webform and you

Webform is second most popular non-utility contrib module (after Views). It is a large, rich module used by hundreds of thousands of sites. If you are using Webform, please give back to our community. We need your help triaging issues, answering support requests, writing patches, reviewing/testing patches, and working on the Drupal 8 port.

Please always use the project issue tracker to report bugs, request support and/or request new features. The maintainers neither read the forums nor reply to direct e-mails for support.

Open one issue for each problem/request; don't bundle several issues into one submission. Please search the queue and read the handbook pages to avoid duplicate issues.

This Drupal module is supported by the hosted survey-solution website Webform.com and Lullabot.

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