Webform Add-Ons

Last updated on
22 January 2018

Below is a list of modules and projects that extend and/or provide additional functionality to the Webform module and Drupal's Form API.

★ = Recommended

Configuration management

Drush CMI tools
Provides advanced CMI import and export functionality for CMI workflows. Drush CMI tools should be used to protect Forms from being overwritten during a configuration import.
Config Ignore
Ignore certain configuration during import
Configuration Split
Provides configuration filter for importing and exporting split config.


Webform Composite Tools
Provides a reusable composite element for use on webforms.
Webform Crafty Clicks
Adds Crafty Clicks UK postcode lookup to the Webform Address composite element.
Webform Layout Container
Provides a layout container element to add to a webform, which uses old fashion floats to support legacy browsers that don't support CSS Flexbox (IE9 and IE10).
Webform Node Element
Provides a 'Node' element to display node content as an element on a webform. Can be modified dynamically using an event handler.
Webform Score
Lets you score an individual user's answers, then store and display the scores.
Webform Simple Hierarchical Select
Integrates Simple Hierarchical Select module with Webform.


Webform Wizard Full Title
Extends functionality of Webform so on wizard forms, the title of the wizard page can override the form title


Webform HubSpot
Provides HubSpot leads API integration with Drupal.
Webform iContact
Send Webform submissions to iContact list.
Webform MailChimp
Posts form submissions to MailChimp list.
Webform Product
Links commerce products to webform elements.
Webform Simplenews Handler
Provides a Webform Handler called "Submission Newsletter" that allows to link webform submission to one or more Simplenews newsletter subscriptions.
Webform Slack
Provides a Webform handler for posting a message to a slack channel when a submission is saved.
Webform Stripe
Provides a stripe webform element and default handlers.
Webform SugarCRM Integration
Provides integration for webform submission with SugarCRM.
OpenInbound for Drupal
OpenInbound tracks contacts and their interactions on websites.
Salesforce Web-to-Lead Webform Data Integration
Integrates Salesforce Web-to-Lead Form feature with various webforms.


Mail System
Provides a user interface for per-module and site-wide mail system selection.
Webform Mass Email
Provides a functionality to send mass email for the subscribers of a webform.
SMTP Authentication Support
Allows for site emails to be sent through an SMTP server of your choice.


Webform Migrate
Provides migration routines from d6, d7 webform to d8 webform.


Lingotek Translation.
Translates content, configuration, and interface using the Lingotek Translation Management System.


Webform REST
Retrieve and submit webforms via REST.

SPAM Protection

Prevent forms from being submitted without JavaScript enabled.
Provides CAPTCHA for adding challenges to arbitrary forms.
Mitigates spam form submissions using the honeypot method.


Webform Views
Integrates Webform 8.x-5.x and Views modules.
Webform Analysis
Used to obtain statistics on the results of form submissions.
Webform Invitation
Allows you to restrict submissions to a webform by generating codes (which may then be distributed e.g. by email to participants).
Webform Permissions By Term
Extends the functionality of Permissions By Term to be able to limit the webform submissions access by users or roles.
Webform Sanitize
Sanitizes submissions to remove potentially sensitive data.
Webform Scheduled Tasks
Allows the regular cleansing/sanitization of sensitive fields in Webform.
Webform Queue
Posts form submissions into a Drupal queue.


Clientside Validation
Adds clientside validation to forms.
Provides Symfony (form) Validators for Drupal 8.


Webform Encrypt
Provides encryption for webform elements.
IMCE is an image/file uploader and browser that supports personal directories and quota.
Provides a user interface for the Token API and some missing core tokens.


Maillog / Mail Developer
Utility to log all Mails for debugging purposes. It is possible to suppress mail delivery for e.g. dev or staging systems.

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