Webform Introduction

Last updated on
25 January 2018

About this Module

The Webform module is a form builder and submission manager for Drupal 8.

The primary use case for this module is to:

  • Build a new webform or duplicate an existing template
  • Publish the webform as a page, node, or block
  • Collect submissions
  • Send confirmations and notifications
  • Review submissions online
  • Download submissions as a CSV


  • A comprehensive form and survey building solution for Drupal 8.
  • A stable, maintainable, and tested API for building forms and handling submission.
  • A pluggable/extensible API for custom form elements and submission handling.


Watch an extended introduction to the Webform module.


Evaluate this project online using simplytest.me.

    Installing the Webform Module

    1. Copy/upload the webform module to the modules directory of your Drupal installation.

    2. Enable the 'Webform' module and desired sub-modules in 'Extend'. (/admin/modules)

    3. Set up user permissions. (/admin/people/permissions#module-webform)

    4. Build a new webform (/admin/structure/webform) or duplicate an existing template (/admin/structure/webform/templates).

    5. Publish your webform as a:

      • Page: By linking to the published webform. (/webform/contact)

      • Node: By creating a new node that references the webform. (/node/add/webform)

      • Block: By placing a Webform block on your site. (/admin/structure/block)

    6. (optional) Install third party libraries(/admin/help/webform).

    7. (optional) Install add-on contrib modules](/admin/structure/webform/addons).


    Even though the Webform module is still under active development with regular releases, all existing configuration, and submission data will be maintained and updated between releases. APIs can change while this module moves from release candidates to a stable release.

    Simply put, if you install and use the Webform module out of the box AS-IS, you should be okay. Once you start extending webforms with plugins, altering hooks, and overriding templates, you will need to read each release's notes and assume that things will be changing.

    Project Status