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Provides Stripe integration with Drupal. All are welcome to help out.

This currently is very basic. There's a simple form for testing purposes, that will charge a card. This is not ready for production environments! See the Roadmap to 1.0 here.

Current features

  1. Provides a new "Stripe Payment" form element type
  2. Webhooks integration
  3. Global configuration of Stripe test/live API keys
  4. Includes submodule for integration with Payment
  5. Integrates between Drupal users and Stripe Customers.
  6. Rules Events fired when a customer is updated or created
  7. Token replacements for Customer ID, Default Source, and other properties.
  8. Views integration between User accounts and Customer fields
  9. hook_customer_stripe_info() allows other modules to add properties to Stripe Customer object during create/update

Getting started

  1. Create a Stripe Account if you don't have one already.
  2. Download the latest Stripe PHP API Library into sites/all/libraries/stripe-php
  3. Enter the API keys from your Stripe Account into the Stripe Settings form (admin/config/stripe/settings)


After this is cleaned up some, we plan to make separate modules that integrate with Commerce, Pay and Ubercart.

NOTE: The stripe_commerce module that used to ship with this module has been removed. Work is taking place to make Commerce Stripe (3.x) the replacement, but as of this commit, both modules can be installed alongside each other; however, they do not yet share any Stripe data with each other.

Modules that extend Stripe

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