Status message

MTech is a Drupal-only services company based out of Nicaragua. It hires locals to spur some economic development.

The company currently employs one American and several Nicaraguans and since the launch of D8 has focused a lot of its time on D8 migrations. It's lead developer, heddn, is from the USA (Midwest) but now lives and is active in the Nicaragua and Central America region, and is also a core maintainer.

Drupal contributions

Active involvement in the core and contrib issue queues. A few patches get rolled and/or RTBCed every week.

MTech's employees are active in the Nicaragua community, IRC mentoring and in a lot, lot more.

Projects supported

Migrate Source CSV, ArcGIS Webmap, Subfields, Redirect Hostname, Migrate Webform, Commerce Related Lines, Curbstone VT Relay, Rules Session Variables, jVectorMap API, Views URL Path Arguments, HTML Purifier

Credited on 65 issues fixed in the past 3 months


Since November of 2014, MTech has been a leading sponsor of Global Training Day events in Nicaragua, where they have pioneered curriculum to teach dozens of Nicaraguans how to use Drupal 8. They are also active in camps and DrupalCons.