This module adds a weight option to enabled node types. Nodes with lower weight will float to the top of lists, while heavier items will sink.

You might be interested in reading Comparison of Node Ordering Modules.

This is useful for sorting non-chronological nodes like bios, e-commerce products, or whatever you would like.

Nodes will be sorted first by stickiness, then by weight, then by creation date.

With support for 7.x, the support for 5.x ends. It is available as-is only.

Version Status

Version 7.x-3.x is currently the recommended and supported release for Drupal 7. It is a complete rewrite to take advantage of new features available in Drupal 7. The 7.x-1.x version is no longer supported. Version 6.x-1.x will remain the recommended and supported release for Drupal 6.


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