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This organization is a Drupal services provider.

Our customers come from all over the world, from the Russian and English language newspaper Barents Observer in the north to the Ministry of Agriculture and Food and Duoc Universidad Católica in Chile in the south. We have eight universities and several newspapers are running our Ramsalt Media publishing platform.

We have a network of the best collaboration partners in Russia, Scandinavia, UK and the US, which expertise we draw upon when needed. We have partnered up with Google and won the Entrepreneur of the year in the Barents region 2013 and became a gazelle company in 2015. Acquia has selected Ramsalt as their preferred partner in Norway. Our offices are located in Oslo, Bergen and Tromsø in Norway and Berlin in Germany.

Our vision is to help our customers reach their goals on the web. Ramsalt Lab delivers everything from conceptualization, solution design, usability, publishing solution, search engine optimizations and a social media strategy, tailored to the customer needs. We do not work for our customer, but together with our customer in order for them to achieve the best results.

Ramsalt Lab is ambassadors for open source software and we actively participate in open-source networks where we contribute to ensuring quality and code to projects and solutions we ourselves use. Our development methods and best-practice are shared with the community in open seminars in our offices, courses and conferences internationally, and our code is published to the open software community.

Projects supported

Conditional refresh, Quicker Edit, Scroll blocks, CKEditor Giella, Create user permission, Video Embed Panopto, Telephone Formatter, Media Fotoweb, Empty Tags, Wordcount Formatter, Drush Process Nodes, Responsive Image, Simple Node Notification, Provision hosting injections, Hosting Injections, Entity Collection

Credited on 31 issues fixed in the past 3 months