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Our primary mission is to adopt yours and find ways to take it further.

Since 2000, we've lived on the front lines of where tech meets business and found success through strong teams, close collaboration, and clear communication. We establish long-lasting relationships with our clients that are built on a foundation of mutual trust.

Velir’s history with content management dates back 15 years to when our company was founded in 2000. We have since grown to become one of the largest implementors and system integrators of content management solutions in North America. We’ve implemented scores of these solutions for our clients and have completed hundreds of related projects.

Velir has deep ties with Acquia, the software company that supports and builds products for the Drupal platform. Of the 30,000 strong Drupal developer community, our vast experience and knowledge of the platform have enabled us to be recognized as a certified partner within Acquia’s community network. This network includes the most talented contributors to the Drupal community who have completed high profile Drupal projects worldwide.

In addition to brand new Drupal implementations, we also provide a complete support and maintenance package to keep your solution running smoothly and oversee ongoing web and CMS operations. We have a fully staffed team of solution architects and developers committed to enabling your Drupal website and environment infrastructure.

Projects supported

Media Entity Download, CKEditor iFrame, CKEditor FakeObjects, CKEditor PageBreak, CKEditor CodeTag, Search API View Modes, Autogrow, Symbol, CKEditor Wordcount, CKEditor Notification, CKEditor Panel Button, CKEditor Color Button, Date & Time Picker, Image Field Zoom, Sweet Alert, CKEditor CodeSnippet, WYSIWYG CodeSnippet, Traced, JSON/JSONB Field, Neato, iGrowl, Headroom.js, BreweryDB, Pickadate.js, ZURB Clearing, ZURB Interchange, ZURB TwentyTwenty, Selectize.js, ZURB Section, PhantomJS Capture, SearchAPI Solr Multiple View Modes, ZURB Orbit, Creditfield, ZURB Foundation, Context Redirect, Context Respect, User Alert, Custom Publishing Options, Taxonomy Views Integrator

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Even the most user-friendly and intuitive CMS will have custom features and conventions that administrators, editors and other users need to be aware of and familiar with. Velir's Drupal certified resources will host ongoing training sessions throughout projects to ensure that your staff is well-versed with your new Drupal solution and ready to hit the ground running. We can also provide training as needed to acclimate in-house developer(s) to working with or building on Drupal.