The migrate_plus project contains three modules:

  1. migrate_plus - Extends the core migration framework with additional functionality. Currently that includes a MigrationGroup configuration entity for grouping migrations, and a PREPARE_ROW event to make it easier to respond to and manipulate incoming source data. It also includes several source and process plugins, as well as defining plugin types for authentication, data parsing, and data fetching.
  2. migrate_example - A carefully documented implementation of a custom migration scenario, designed to walk you through the basic concepts of the Drupal 8 migration framework.
  3. migrate_example_advanced (still in progress) - Examples of more advanced techniques for Drupal 8 migration.


  1. 8.x-4.x (to be opened soon) - Compatible with Drupal 8.3.x and above, this is where primary development will be focused.
  2. 8.x-3.x - Compatible with Drupal 8.2.x and above, changes to the 8.x-4.x branch will be cherry-picked where convenient for now, but expect support for anything other than major/critical bug fixes to drop not long after Drupal 8.3.0 is released.
  3. 8.x-2.0 - Compatible with Drupal 8.1.x only - support only for major bugs.
  4. 8.x-1.0 - Compatible with Drupal 8.0.x only, no longer supported.

Related modules

Tools for running/managing migrations

  • migrate_tools - General-purpose drush commands and basic UI for managing migrations.
  • migrate_upgrade - Drush commands for running upgrades from Drupal 6 or 7 to Drupal 8.

Source plugins

Supporting organizations: 
Ongoing maintenance
Sponsored development for 8.x-2.x

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