The Migrate Tools module provides tools for running and managing Drupal 8 migrations.

Drush commands supported include:

  • migrate-status - Lists migrations and their status.
  • migrate-import - Performs import operations.
  • migrate-rollback - Performs rollback operations.
  • migrate-stop - Cleanly stops a running operation.
  • migrate-reset-status - Sets a migration status to Idle if it's gotten stuck.
  • migrate-messages - Lists any messages associated with a migration import.

The UI at this point provides a front-end equivalent to the migrate-status and migrate-messages commands. It will be enhanced to allow running the other operations, as well as provide the ability to create and alter migrations.


  1. 8.x-4.x - Compatible with Drupal 8.3.x and above, this is where primary development will be focused.
  2. 8.x-3.0-rc1 - Compatible with Drupal 8.2.x only, support for major/critical bug fixes only.
  3. 8.x-2.0 - Compatible with Drupal 8.1.x only, no longer supported.
  4. 8.x-1.0 - Compatible with Drupal 8.0.x only, no longer supported.
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