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United States
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Migration Specialist

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Software development, HRIS

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On Drupal.org for 14 years 5 months

Over 100 edits
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A maintainer of the core migration system in Drupal 8.
Original author of the Migrate, Migrate Plus, Migrate Tools, Migrate Upgrade (a.k.a. Drupal Upgrade), Drupal-to-Drupal data migration, WordPress Migrate, Pathauto, Table Wizard, Statistics Filter, Browscap, and Statistics Trend modules.
Certified to Rock

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DrupalCon Boston 2008
DrupalCon DC 2009
DrupalCon San Francisco 2010
DrupalCon Chicago 2011
DrupalCon Denver 2012
DrupalCon Austin 2014
DrupalCon New Orleans 2016

Credited on 51 issues fixed in the past 1 year


Drupal Association Individual Member

mikeryan helps support and grow the Drupal community with the Drupal Association.

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I contributed Drupal patches
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