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This organization is a Drupal services provider.

We collaborate with partners to deliver a commercially powerful web and mobile experience, one that is sensitive to clients' real needs. We offer full service at a human scale, a strategic collaboration with a senior and experienced team. The value is multiplied by disciplined and effective process.

Experts in Drupal, our team builds more than websites: we create flexible platforms that our clients use to create and maintain experiences that engage and enthuse their customers. Our clients are large- and medium-sized organizations, based in Montreal and northeastern North America, especially in New York City. We specialize in multilingual platforms.

Our culture is unapologetically open, based for a long time on open source technologies. The spirit of the Open Source Bazar defines the company, and everything we do is done as a team. Floe encourages its employees to contribute to open source communities and projects as part of their job.

Drupal contributions

Floe encourage its employee to contribute, not only to Drupal but to open source communities and projects in general, as part of their job. Thanks to this, our staff has contributed patches to Drupal core and contrib, published modules and given talk at local events.

For other projects our Github Group page

Other involvements of our team members include:

Projects supported

Eloqua Dynamic Content, Eloqua Asynchronous Visitor Tracking, Eloqua HTTP APIs, Smartsheet, Lightspeed eCom, Backup and Migrate - Managed Files Source, Jobvite, Site Deployment Module, Smartsheet (sandbox), Google Static Map, Entity Translation Panels IPE+, CakeMail, Locale Import/Export, FFMpeg Video Thumbnail, PHP FFmpeg, Payment Method Visuals, Fieldable Payment Method, Payment UUID, Stripe, Phing Drush Task

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