This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

A payment-method for Stripe.

Status / Limitations

Currently only credit-card payments are implemented. The transactions are made via JavaScript so your server never sees the credit card data therefore no PCI compliance is needed Stripe has you covered regarding PCI compliance if you serve your page via SSL.

The payment method relies on the payment context (responsible for displaying the form) to turn over control when the transaction should be made. payment_context is an attempt to standardise such an interface. So far webform_paymethod_select is the only module implementing that interface. At the moment stripe_payment can only be used inside webforms.



  1. Install the module and all it's dependencies as usual.
  2. Download the stripe-php library and install it. The library folder must be named "stripe-php"!


The module was written as stripe support for campaignion a online campaigning/fundraising distribution made by more onion.

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developed this module.

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