Configuration dialog where the payment methods can be selected and line items can be defined
The webform component used in a donation webform

webform_paymethod_select allows you to make payments part of your webforms. It makes embedding payment into your forms (nearly) as easy as adding a new textarea.


  • Seamless integration into webform: The payment is handled like any other webform component. No-popups - redirects only if really needed.
  • form_builder support: You can use form_builder to configure this webform component.
  • Support for JS-based payment methods (PCI-SAQ A-EP) like stripe_payment and paymill_payment.
  • Re-entrance: User can continue filling out the form after paying. They always land on the webform page again - even after being redirected off-site.

How to use

  • enable the module
  • configure your payment methods as usual at admin/config/services/payment/method
  • add this component to your webform (Type Payment Selector)
  • configure the component by specifying the name for the payment, select 1 or more payment methods out of the complete list of configured/available payment methods and define 1 or more line item(s)

Tested payment methods


This module depends on


  • Find a way to implement recurrent payments.
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