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This project provides an interface for editing and configuring forms. It started out as a module to edit Drupal Form-API arrays but has been extended since then to edit webforms and others. In theory it can manage every list of configurable items.


  • Edit forms by drag&droping form elements.
  • Immediately get a preview of the form.


Just install it like any other drupal module.

This module has the following requirements:

  • Options Element
  • ctools (since 7.x-1.11)
  • PHP 5.4+ — The last release that is compatible with 5.3 is 7.x-1.21. Supporting PHP 5.3 has become infeasible as I don’t have any instance of PHP 5.3 to test on.

Integrations / Modules based on form_builder

Still incopmlete …

  • It's possible to edit webforms via form_builder - just enable the form_builder_webform sub-module.
  • Survey builder is based on form_builder. Note that it hasn't caught up with form_builders latest developments. Use it with form_builder-7.x-1.7.


Apart from contributing code you can help in numerous other ways:

  • Triage bugs: Try to confirm reported bugs. Provide steps-by-step instructions to reproduce them preferably starting from a clean Drupal installation.
  • Review and test patches: Does the patch really fix the issue? Does it have any unwanted side-effects?
  • Re-roll patches against the latest dev-version if needed.
  • Write tests.
  • Add documentation.

If you want to help out feel free to use either the Drupal issue queue or pitch in on github.

The 7.x-1.x branch is actively developed. The 6.x-1.x branch is only minimally maintained and will receive security fixes only.

Executing the tests

To execute the tests you need phpunit and upal.

You also need a drupal installation that has form_builder enabled.

Once everything is set up correctly you can execute the tests with a command like:

export UPAL_ROOT=path/to/the/drupal/root
export UPAL_DB_URL=mysql://test:@localhost/test
export UPAL_WEB_URL=
phpunit -c phpunit.xml --bootstrap path/to/upal/bootstrap.php tests

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Supporting organizations: 
initial development
ongoing development (since 2015)

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