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This project allows users to build entire Form API structures through a graphical, AJAX-like interface. It has the ability to read and export FAPI arrays, and users are permitted to change any properties exposed by modules that expose forms to the Form Builder.


Through the history of Drupal, there have been several different modules that allow the building of forms: Profile, Flexinode, Survey, Webform, CCK, and D7's Field. All of these set out with specific purposes in mind, whether collecting surveys or creating node content. The task of actually building the form was secondary to the task of using the form. This is where the Form builder project comes in. It provides a single, universal interface for creating form structures. Once the form structure is created and tweaked to the liking of the user, the changes are then sent to the providing module (whether Webform, CCK, Profile, or others) and that module then deals with changes to its internal settings and new fields in the database.

Form builder keeps a temporary storage of a form structure while it is being edited, but does not provide any permanent mechanism for saving data with the created forms. In other words, it does nothing but build the form. All use of the created form is dependent on implementing modules. Currently Form builder only includes one implementing module, which does nothing other than export the current FAPI array.


Drupal 7 includes an adequate version of jQuery and jQuery UI, so there's no need to install modules to update the JavaScript.


Please use the Form builder issue queue and not the forums for support and contributing to this project.

There is many ways you can help advance this project. Don't hesitate to …

  • Triage bugs in the issue queue: Is there enough information for developers to reproduce that issue? Can you reproduce the issue?
  • Review & test patches
  • Re-roll patches if needed.
  • Submit patches for new features.

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