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Module: Terms Of Use
Author: chill35 from
Caroline Schnapp at
Co-Maintainer: Kars-T from
Karsten Frohwein

This module adds a Terms of Use text from a node and a [x] I agree check box to the registration page.

To install:

  1. Move or copy or extract the 'terms_of_use' folder to sites/all/modules.
  2. Enable the module 'Terms of Use' on the page admin/build/modules.
  3. Create a Terms of Use page at content/add/page. Do not promote the node.
  4. Go to configuration/people/terms_of_use and type the title of your Terms node in the autocomplete text field "Title of the post where your Terms of Use are published".
  5. Save your module configuration.
  6. Clear your Drupal cache at configuration/settings/performance by clicking 'Clear cached data'.
  7. Log out and access the registeration page at user/register. It will now be required for anyone wishing to sign up to check the 'I agree with these terms.' checkbox.


QUESTION: I have very long text for term of use of my site, so I don't like to show all this text in the registration page. Is possible to have this solution: Put only a link to the term of use page in the registration page containing the checkbox, like this:

Terms of use of this page are available here (<- this a link to the terms of use page)
[x] I certify that I read and I agree with these terms

ANSWER: Certainly. You can enter the token "@link" into the checkbox lable field at admin/settings/terms_of_use. By this no text will be shown. Or you can edit the output of terms of use by overriding theme_terms_of_use().

QUESTION: I installed the module, but I am wondering, how to ask already registered users to check again "Tem of Use" Box, after an update of the Terms of Use Node ?

ANSWER: This will be added to the terms of use module later.

You can also add this text to your Terms:

"We reserve the right to update or revise these Terms of Use at any time without notice. Please check the Terms of Use periodically for changes. The revised terms will be effective immediately as soon as they are posted on the WebSite and by continuing to use the Site you agree to be bound by the revised terms."

If you do so, don't forget to include a link to the Terms node in the footer area of your site.

QUESTION: It doesn't look nice when the terms page is long. Why not use a popup instead? or make the Terms scrollable, or collapsible?

ANSWER: This will be added to the module in the future. Currently you can override the terms_of_use.css file with your own version. To use some Javascript you override CSS and theme_terms_of_use() to achieve this.

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