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Getting started

  1. Enable course module, and a bundled course object (pick any)
    • course_book - Use Drupal Books as course objects
    • course_content - Use any content type as a course object
    • course_object_manual - Arbitrary steps which must be marked complete by an administrator before a learner may proceed past them
    • course_poll - Poll requirement
    • course_quiz - Graded Quiz object
    • course_webform - Webform submission requirement
  2. Set up the "Course outline" block at admin/build/blocks - the "Course outline" block displays a list of objects, the "Course navigation" displays back/next links
  3. Go to Add content -> Course and a create a new Course node
  4. Add 2 new course objects by pressing "Add object" (for example, a Poll)
  5. Click "Settings" under each poll and enter a title (Poll 1, Poll 2)
  6. Make sure to click "Save outline" to update the course objects

  7. Click the "take course" tab
  8. If you click "My account" then "Courses" you will also see it in the in progress courses list. Click back into the course to take it.
  9. Click into the first available object
  10. Submit the first poll. The object is now complete.
  11. Advance to the next object with the "Next" link or the link that is now available in the outline.
  12. Submit the last poll.
  13. The course is complete. Click the "Next" or "Complete" link
  14. You will see the completion page.
  15. If you click "My account" then "Courses" you will also see it in the completed courses list.

Try creating courses with other kinds of objects - Quizzes for assessments, Webforms for data gathering and evaluation. Set objects to be required, optional, skippable, available only at certain times - these options are available in each object's "Settings" link.

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.


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was asked to finish up a project someone had already started and it involved this course module and the client wants people to be able to sign up for the courses without payment for easy tracking of those who are undertaking it. So was wondering how that can be done with this module as I have tried it with the signup module but no breakthrough yet

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I tried broaching this on the general forum but no joy. Essentially I'm dissatisfied with the amount of information I can get from the Certificate tokens. At this point I'm curious about the functionality of Enrollments vs Signups. Do I even need signups. I have a course configured so that the user enrolls in the parent course node and all children nodes are enrolled automatically. This seems to satisfy my requirements for the user to navigate through the course, including the quiz. Unfortunately, the certificate issued upon completion of the quiz knows nothing about the course and knows nothing about the date the quiz was passed. I thought that perhaps this information would be available if the user "signed up" for the node along with the usual enrollment. No joy. To recap my project: I have a web site that consists of several courses, all based on the travels of Mark Twain. Each course contains several books as course objects. Each book consists of several nodes, also defined as course objects. The final node in each book is a long answer quiz. I have a rule that issues a certificate upon successful completion (the administrator flags the quiz as passed).