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CEO - Head of development

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epiqo, zites internet solutions, Pro.Karriere

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Wolfgang Ziegler is a passionate Drupal developer and system architect from Vienna, Austria. He is working as "CEO - Head of development" at drunomics in Vienna.

Wolfgang Ziegler - known as fago in the Drupal community - is working with Drupal since 2005. Since then, he authored a variety of different modules, like Rules, Profile2 and their predecessors. Since Drupal 7, he actively contributes to Drupal core and is maintainer of the Form and Entity subsystems.


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11 years 8 months
Over 100 edits
Drupal Contributions: 

Core contributions

  • Maintenance of the form and entity sub-systems of Drupal 7 and later.
  • Lead the Drupal 8 Entity API improvements like adding the new Entity Field API and the underlying Typed Data API.
  • Various improvements and bug-fixes, mostly around the form amd entity API.

Contrib contributions

I'm maintaining the following modules:

Non-code contributions

  • Co-founder of the Drupal Austria user group, co-organizer of the Drupalcamp Vienna
  • I helped organizing Drupalcamp Vienna 2009 & 2013
  • I participated in the Google Summer of Code program as student and several times as mentor; i.e. I helped architecting the Search API module as well as the Views query backend abstraction which the Search API Views integration builds upon that way
Areas of Expertise: 
Project technical lead
System Architecture & Design
Development Operations
Drupal Events: 
DrupalCon Barcelona 2007
DrupalCon Szeged, Hungary 2008
DrupalCon DC 2009
DrupalCon Paris 2009
DrupalCon San Francisco 2010
DrupalCon Copenhagen 2010
DrupalCon Chicago 2011
DrupalCon London 2011
DrupalCon Denver 2012
DrupalCon Munich 2012
DrupalCon Portland 2013
DrupalCon Prague 2013
DrupalCon Austin 2014
DrupalCon Amsterdam 2014
DrupalCon Barcelona 2015

Credited on 73 issues fixed in the past 1 year


Drupal Association Individual Member

fago helps support and grow the Drupal community with the Drupal Association.

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