This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This is a flexible module that provides a userfriendly wizard for creating and editing several nodes.

The module can be used to provide a user friendly wizard for creating and editing several nodes. You can use the module to create a "route" which leads users through multiple pages, which can be e.g. a node creation form or a node display.

Use cases:

  • Build a route that assists your users by creating several nodes of different types.
  • Build a node based user profile which consists of multiple content types in conjunction with the nodeprofile or content profile project

The 6.x version has been substantially overhauled! Upgraders from 5.x have a look at the UPGRADE.txt file for important changes! Now the module fully leverage drupal's multistep forms!

Dependency (5.x only)

Subform Element (for the 5.x version only)


  • Integrate with the rules module.

fago (4.7, 5.x), sgilits (6.x), Tauran (initial 6.x version)

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