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Next generation workflows for drupal

Workflow-ng allows one to customize drupal's built in workflows in a very flexible way.
In short, it's a rule-based event driven action evaluation system. (more)

E.g. this is useful for
• sending customized mails notifying your users about important changes
• building flexible content publishing workflows
• creating custom redirections
• and a lot more....

Modules may use workflow-ng's API to provide defaults, which can be customized by users.
Users can share their customizations by using the built-in import/export tool.

Required modules: token module

Modules known to integrate with workflow-ng:
Node Profile
Userpoints since 3.1
Organic Groups since 5.x-7.x
Temporary Invitation
Buddylist 2
Workflow Owner
Content Access (since 1.4)
Path Redirect (since 1.2)
Node Queue (since 2.2)
Revision moderation (in the latest dev snapshot)
Subgroups for Organic Groups (in the latest dev snapshot)
Node hierarchy
User Stats
Workflow-NG: Profile Action

Workflow-ng actions are not compatible with the actions module!
For a drupal 6 compatible version use the rules module, which is an improved port of workflow-ng and supports upgrading (and importing) workflow-ng rules as well as drupal 6 actions!

Status: There won't be any active development in the drupal 5 version or earlier any more. For any news, check out the rules module!

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