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Allows you to add other site users to your buddy list, organize these into groups, and monitor their content. It is a basic building block for anyone wishing to make a social networking site in Drupal. The 4.7 version is much more feature-rich than the 4.6 version. Allows integration with other modules, such as Invite, to do things like add invited members to buddylists automatically. The word "buddy" can now be changed altogether by editing the translations array at the top of the buddylist.module file.


Josh Koenig (joshk)
Dominik Kiss (nodestroy)

Drupal 5.0 version available for testing

Please test out the new 5.0 version and report any bugs you may find. There is also a new working group dedicated to discussing social networking sites (like MySpace and Facebook). If you are interested in this area, please join the group and take part in the discussion.

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