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fluxkraft is a module suite and distribution for automating your socialmedia workflows.

Connect and automate tools like facebook and dropbox or schedule tweets to promote your website content.

More infos at http://www.fluxkraft.com

Quick installation (recommended for most users)

For simple installation get the latest packaged distribution from Github:
Download: 7.x-1.5 (tar.gz)

Alternative installation from drupal.org (for developers)

  • Download the distribution from drupal.org (below) and start the Drupal installation process as usual.
  • After the "Configure services" installation step you will see a "REQUIREMENTS PROBLEM" note.
  • To address it you need to run the following drush commands:
  • drush composer-json-rebuild
    drush composer-manager update
  • After you have run the commands, you can continue with the installation by clicking the "proceed with the installation" link.
  • You can safely ignore the error on the next page which states you did not run the commands above. You can now configure your services, or finish the installation.



The distribution has been initiated by drunomics.
The project has been sponsored by netidee - powerful innovations

Pro tip:

For simple installation get the latest full packaged distribution from Github.
Github download: 7.x-1.5 (tar.gz)

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