This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.


The Views exclude previous module provides a views filter that excludes nodes that have already been loaded/displayed on the current page.

This is very useful when you have pages with several embedded views, and you want to make sure that a given node only appears once in the page.

The advantage of using Views exclude previous rather than manually excluding nodes is that:

  • Each view does not need to know which context it will be displayed in
  • Each view can be displayed in a different context (different page, different order) without needing to change the filter
  • Only the nodes that are actually displayed are taken into consideration - not those that would fall beyond the first page of the pager


Say you have a view A which displays the 5 most recent nodes tagged with 'Carrot' ; and a view B which displays the 5 most recent nodes tagged with 'Freedom'. Both views are displayed on the same page (A before B) ; and both have the Views Exclude Previous filter. Then, given a node N tagged with both 'Carrot' and 'Freedom' :

  • If node N is in the 5 most recent entries of both A and B, then it will be displayed for A only
  • If node N is in the 5 most recent entries of B, but not in the five most recent entries of A then it will be displayed for B


There is no reliable way within Drupal to know when a node has been displayed. Views exclude previous does it's best by hooking into various relevant parts of the system.

At the time of writting, Views exclude previous will be able to track nodes that have been displayed using:

  • The Views module, with the 'Row style' set to 'Node'
  • The Views module, with the 'Row style' set to 'Field' and using the default 'Unformatted', 'List', 'Grid' or 'Table' styles.

It will also track nodes that are loaded/prepared for viewing using the nodeapi. If you know of any module that embeds nodes/lists/etc in pages, please report whether they work/don't work with Views exclude previous so that the compatibility list can be kept up to date.

Drupal 6

The Drupal 6 version is only minimally maintained and will only recieve security fixes.

D6 Views 2.0RC2

As of 16th of September, Views Exclude Previous won't work with Views older than RC2. Older versions won't work with RC2 and above ; so you must updated all modules together.

Drupal 7

The Drupal version is basically stable but currently only acts on the global node_load(). Please test so we can mark it as stable!

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