Invitations are important to create network effects and exponential growth of a community of interest. This module provides an Invite a friend feature to allow your users to send and track invitations to join your site.


The 2.x branch contains new features such as an administrator interface, resend capabilities and allowing multiple invitations to the same e-mail address. This version is unsupported now.

The 7.x-4.x branch restarted again. It utilising power of Entities and Entities API, which allows to use Rules, Views, Tokens, etc. Any testing or ideas are welcomes.



Please see current README.txt.

Third-party integration

Invite allows other modules to interact on certain events (but still no core trigger/actions support, sorry):

  • User Relationships: Automatically create a relationship between inviting and invited user. See helper module in User Relationships.
  • Userpoints: Credit some points to inviters for sending registrations and/or successful registrations. See Userpoints Invite

Modules to extend Invite:

  • Contact Importer: let users import contacts from their webmail address books.
  • Request Invitation: require users who are interested in closed/semi-private sites to first request an invitation.

Project Information