Invitations are important to create network effects and exponential growth of a community of interest. This module provides an Invite a friend feature to allow your users to send and track invitations to join your site.


  • 7.x-2.x

    Status: Unmaintained

    The 2.x branch contains new features such as an administrator interface, resend capabilities and allowing multiple invitations to the same e-mail address. This version is unsupported now.

  • 7.x-4.x

    Status: Maintained

    It utilizes power of Entities and Entities API, which allows to use Rules, Views, Tokens, etc. Any testing or ideas are welcome.

  • 8.x-1.x

    Status: Under development

    Sending methods are now pluggable.


Please see current README.txt. (Needs update, any help?)

Third-party integration

Invite allows other modules to interact on certain events (but still no core trigger/actions support, sorry):

Modules to extend Invite:

  • Contact Importer: let users import contacts from their webmail address books. Appears to be defunct and no services are working.
  • Request Invitation: require users who are interested in closed/semi-private sites to first request an invitation.



Supporting organizations: 

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