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The flux service integration API provides a framework for flux integration with any remote service. While it has been created for the fluxkraft module suite, it is useful on its own as well.

The module eases integrating Drupal with remote services like twitter, facebook, your own web service or whatever. It exposes an admin UI for managing service connection settings and service accounts. By default it exposes no functionality for end-users, but it comes with an optional extension module that allows end-users to create personal service accounts.


Integrated services


As the project makes use of composer-manager to pull in required libraries, one has to do so first. The easiest variant is using drush. For that, enable the module and run the following drush commands:

  drush composer-json-rebuild
  drush composer-manager update

Please refer to composer manager for other options.

Further resources

  • Developers, please check out and help improving the documentation.


This project has been initiated and is maintained by drunomics.
The project has been sponsored by netidee - powerful innovations

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