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Drupal 6 Version

If you are looking for a Buddylist solution in Drupal6, take a look at Friendlist. Its already finished and comes with the same functionality than buddylist2. You can import your buddylist2 data with an data importer (See: #314253: Buddylist2 Data Importer)

Note: Drupal 5 Version is finished and will be maintained.

First off - What are the differences between this and buddylist?

Buddylist is a great module to build Social Networks; maybe it’s the central community module. "Old" buddylist is great, but is not very easy to modify or adapt. Buddylist2 is split into API und UI, so that there can be many different UI´s. All listings are done with Views, so you can place it where you want. Furthermore there is the possibility to use workflow-ng for notifications (needed configurations are available out of the box - just adapt it via workflow-ng UI)

Buddylist2 contains several buddy-releated modules:

  • Buddy API
  • Buddylist UI
  • Buddy API Shortest Route
  • Buddy API Invite

Buddy API
Buddy API allows users to generate social networks. The API itself has no UI and will not do anything by itself. All functions are
commented, so see the code for detailed information.

Buddylist UI
Buddylist UI is an user interface for Buddy API. All listings are realised with views, so you can adapt and theme how you want.

Buddy API Shortest Route
Buddy API Shortest Route provides a block which shows the shortest route from UserA to UserB in a social network (like StudiVZ, Facebook,...)

Buddy API Invite
Integrates Buddy API with invite module.

Required Modules are:
for buddy_api: NONE
for buddylist_ui: buddy_api + views + usernode + [optional: workflow_ng* + token*]

* configurable mails, messages, logging,... (default configurations are within buddy_api)

Drupal6 development status
- API is nearly finished
- basic UI functions for admin & user (on users page) are in - as first version

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