This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

With this module you can define relations between content types. It automatically creates a relation between all nodes, which have been created from the same user and have the defined content types.

It is a simple node relationship module, which doesn't provide any enduser interface. Relations are set automatically (based on admin defined content type relations) or programmatically through its API. It also allows to restrict the population of a content type (the number of creatable nodes of a content type per user).

The module doesn't display related nodes when viewing a node or anything similar. Currently it's up to the user to use the relation, e.g. use it to display related nodes during viewing a node (example provided) or use it for generating views in conjunction with Views Fusion

fago, Tauran (5.x-2.x)

Status: There won't be any active development in the drupal 5 version or earlier any more.

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