A simple word filter for Drupal.

8.x-2.x: The Wordfilter module allows users to create and manage Wordfilter configurations. Wordfilter configurations..

  • are multilingual, fully exportable Drupal configuration entities.
  • may be (re)-used as filters at any text format, node and comment.
  • contain a user-defined list of words, which will be filtered out (when enabled as filter).
  • can optionally use a substitution text for the defined filter words.

8.x-2.0: An alpha version of 8.x-2.0 has been released. Anyone is free to test this release for bugs, problems, security issues etc. Suggestions to improve and extend this module by commonly needed functionality are welcome and should be written down in the issue queue.

It's highly advisable not to run the alpha version on production sites.

7.x-2.x: A backport of 8.x-2.x is planned for Drupal 7, namely 7.x-2.x. The backport development will begin after the first stable release of 8.x-2.0.

7.x-1.x: The active 7.x-1.x development has been stopped and won't be supported anymore by the maintainer. Feel free to open a new issue and offer co-maintenance for 7.x-1.x if you want to keep the development of this version alive. No upgrade path for 7.x-1.x to 7.x-2.x/8.x-2.x is currently planned, since there's no stable release of 7.x-1.x available at this time.

Planned features for 8.x-2.x

Project description for 7.x-1.x

This module allows site administrators to filter certain words on all pages.

For example, you can set the filter to find the word "work" and when found, change it to "play". You may toggle whether the filter applies to node titles as well as the body.


Support for filtering comment body and titles has been added and node title filtering has been improved. The wordfilter admin pages have been improved as well. Please check the issues queue for detail on specific issues affected.

Project Information