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VIE.js (“Vienna IKS Editables”) is a JavaScript library for implementing decoupled Content Management Systems and semantic interaction in web applications. In short, VIE provides a bridge between Backbone.js and the semantic web.

With VIE you can easily interact with RDFa-annotated content on your pages, as well as connect with various semantic services like Apache Stanbol and DBpedia.

All entities you deal with are managed in a centralized collection, and VIE provides ways to deal with namespaces, relations between entities, and if needed, your content type system.

VIE is used as the basis for a wide variety of tools ranging from content annotators to full front-end editing interfaces and semantic browser extensions. You can find many of these from the Widgets section of the VIE-homepage.


  • The base-module just adds support for adding the VIE.js library and the VIE.js widgets via drupal_add_library().
  • The optional VIE.js autocomplete module allows using the VIE.js autocomplete widget as field API widget with term reference fields.



  • Download the required javascript libraries. The easiest way to do so is via drush make, i.e. run the following command from the module folder:

    drush make vie.make --no-core --contrib-destination=/path/to/drupal/sites/all/

  • VIE.js is configured to make use of an Apache Stanbol installation at http://localhost:8080 by default. This can be changed by setting the variable 'iksce_vie_stanbol_url', e.g. put in your settings.php file:

    $conf['iksce_vie_stanbol_url'] = '';

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