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A simple time period widget and formatter for time periods stored in seconds.

Time periods can be entered using multiple units, whereas the module currently allows
using days, hours, minutes and seconds. Each unit can be enabled separately
and the maximum value and step size can be configured.

Similar modules

  • Duration: Duration is a fully fledged API coming with suiting form elements and a CCK field (currently D6 only). The Duration module handles durations including the complex cases of durations specified in years and months, which need special treatment if applied to a date. Thus the duration module comes with its own storage for durations, whereas Time period just cares about the simple case of durations stored in seconds.
  • Interval Field: The Interval Field stores intervals as given (e.g. 3 days), whereas Time period just works with an integer field containing the duration stored in seconds. Also, the interval field allows specifying intervals only using one unit (e.g. 4 hours), whereby Time-period allows specifying multiple units at once; e.g. "4 hours, 20 minutes".


  • Heimo Reiter (heimo)
  • Wolfgang Ziegler (fago)

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