The white label entity type (short: while) is a simple node-like entity type without any special functionality. The labels and paths used for the entity type can be configured using variables, enabling easy re-use of the entity type in situations where a custom entity type is needed.


  • Supports revisions
  • Admin UI for managing multiple (exportable) bundles
  • Views, Features, Token integration etc, as provided via the entity module
  • Supports panelizer and page manager overrides for while_view


Requires a recent Entity API 7.x-1.2+ or manually patched with:


This project has been initially developed and is maintained by drunomics.

Customization - Drupal 7

Use the following PHP snippet in your settings.php to customize your white label entity type:

$conf['while_strings']= array(
    'entity label' => t('Red entity'),
    'entity plural label' => t('Red entities'),
    'entity description' => 'Red entities are red.',
    'type label' => t('Red type'),
    'type plural label' => t('Red types'),
    'type description' => 'Types of red entities.',
    'base path' => 'red',
    'admin menu path' => 'admin/structure/red',
    'admin menu description' => 'Manage red types, including fields.',
    'admin menu path content' => 'admin/content/red',

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