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SHA-1: aa0c85f2c384c9e6e7e1289d171afdf360bbf376
SHA-256: e08702b7dd963e951796da3371124ca7f8b1b13af1026f014d10d74f522bf9dd
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SHA-256: fec4b8474bb47b7adaa3712a93372c321c04c9acadca5ec15b78c57651cc60e2

Release info

Created by: webchick
Created on: 1 Feb 2012 at 22:15 UTC
Last updated: 3 Feb 2012 at 01:57 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

Maintenance release of the Drupal 7 series. Includes bugfixes only (no new functionality), plus the security fixes from Drupal 7.11 which was released alongside Drupal 7.12.

All changes committed since Drupal 7.10 are as follows:

  • #336483 by brianV, catch: Fixed Performance: SELECT MAX(comment_count()) FROM node_comment_statistics() does full table scan.
  • #289504 by catch, mikeryan, moshe weitzman: Fixed user_delete() performance: index comment uid columns.
  • #1326482 by ryanissamson: Clean up minor code style issues in
  • #996236 by fago, sun, pillarsdotnet, xjm: Fixed drupal_flush_all_caches() does not clear entity info cache.
  • Rollback of Issue #1280792 by andypost: Key length too long error.
  • #569076 by rocket_nova, wamilton, alonpeer: Test that taxonomy term page contains a link to parent terms in the breadcrumbs.
  • #1367000 by chris.leversuch, oriol_e9g, David_Rothstein: Clean up API docs for php module.
  • #1421330 by heyrocker: Fixed Add @see for cache_set() and cache_get() .
  • #1415794 by Zen Master: Fixed node_access_test_form_node_form_alter() has wrong documentation header.
  • #1409052 by mkadin: Fixed hook_menu() should state that auto-loaders should return FALSE to indicate nothing found and trigger a 404.
  • #1372280 by sven.lauer: Document that field_info_field_by_id() may also be used for deleted fields.
  • #1416212 by pontus_nilsson: Fixed _user_mail_notify() -- options for need to be a list.
  • #1045786 by D√©sir√©, Albert Volkman, droplet: Fixed Length of Aggregator Trimmed Description.
  • #1025286 by Tor Arne Thune, Devin Carlson, swentel: Fixed logo_upload() in form_set_error() instead of favicon_upload() in
  • #1360416 by droplet, LSU_JBob: Fixed Document that the page_bottom() region is hidden from the blocks UI.
  • #1402620 by jeckman, jwlogemann: Fixed node_show() return doc links to nonexistent function.
  • #1405260 by skottler: Clarify the language around non-reliable queue examples.
  • #984874 by LSU_JBob, dalin, Albert Volkman, sun: Use DrupalUnitTestCase where possible.
  • #1280792 by julien, xjm, pingers, Niklas Fiekas: Fixed {trigger_assignments()}.hook has only 32 characters, is too short.
  • #1110650 follow-up by sun: Oops. No entity_create() in 7.x. :)
  • #1110650 follow-up by grendzy, oriol_e9g, sun: Fixed comment-by-anonymous class never appears.
  • #1371484 by catch, langworthy, makara, ArtistConk: Fixed Private properties in abstract class DrupalCacheArray.
  • #1411592 by dadikof, Niklas Fiekas: Fixed func_get_args() can't be used as a function parameter before PHP 5.3.
  • #1420048 by nod_, droplet: fixed menu* JS indention.
  • #1099062 by nod_, droplet: Autocomplete.js micro optimization.
  • #1399496 by droplet: JS semicolon to following code standard .
  • #1354852 by marvil07, 30equals: hook_node_type_insert() has no sample function body.
  • #1394790 by joachim: explain system_admin_compact_mode().
  • #1377544 by kotnik: hook_update_N documentation uses dead links.
  • #852524 by plach, oriol_e9g: include language provider files only when they are needed.
  • #1416218 by scorchio: Improve variable naming in format_interval().
  • #736556 by daniels220, jeckman, Albert Volkman: fixed theme_links() doc needs expansion.
  • #1346166 by Dave Reid: Improve performance of token_replace() if there are no tokens to replace.
  • #1387572 by pbull, tarekdj: Fixed node links are not left aligned in bartik theme on RTL direction.
  • #1387098 by LSU_JBob, nburles: bug in ajax.js when minified.
  • #1000074 by naxoc: node_permission() uses check_plain() without a purpose.
  • #666854 by TR, JacobSingh: fixed E_NOTICE warnings in run_tests().sh .
  • #1386514 by pflame, nod_, David_Rothstein: Fixed Dragging and dropping a shortcut from disabled to enabled doesn't switch the status if the dragging happens fast.
  • #1330554 by oriol_e9g, fiftyz, richthegeek: Fixed taxonomy_get_tree() incorrect depth on multiple parents.
  • #1160928 follow-up by sun: Commit missing file. Oops.
  • #987930 by David_Rothstein, Tor Arne Thune: Fixed The obsolete 'site_offline_message' variable is not always deleted during the D6->D7 upgrade.
  • #1373582 by jhodgdon, TR: Fixed Trailing whitespace.
  • #1386976 by nburles, LSU_JBob: Fixed Bug in drupal.js when minified.
  • #1402962 by xjm, marcingy, oriol_e9g, msonnabaum: Fixed Render cache shouldn't treat empty strings as a cache miss.
  • #278425 by andypost, droplet, OnkelTem, chx, c960657, drewish, kotnik, realityloop: Change notice for: Using basename() is not locale safe.
  • Revert "Issue #1367000 by chris.leversuch, oriol_e9g, David_Rothstein: Clean up API docs for php module."
  • #800434 by pillarsdotnet, plach, bart.hanssens: Added drupal_mail(), allow hook_mail_alter() implementation to cancel mail.
  • #1367000 by chris.leversuch, oriol_e9g, David_Rothstein: Clean up API docs for php module.
  • #1309742 by rocket_nova, Albert Volkman: Add inline comment clarifying use of language_list() in system_date_format_save().
  • #1160928 by catch, xjm: Add tests for node type/comment body upgrade path.
  • #955848 by anrikun, Kars-T, catch, chx, casey, sun: Fixed When editing an existing node with a link, the link itself is listed in 'Parent item': menu_parent_options() needs some rewriting.
  • #1214344 by wiifm, msonnabaum, oriol_e9g: Fixed 'misc/progress.js' is not being included when 'Aggregate JavaScript files' is used.
  • #131737 by malc0mn, pillarsdotnet, scor, xjm, nvanhove, oriol_e9g, mrfelton, aspilicious, Pancho, v1nce, dhthwy: Fixed Ensure that the Return-Path is set when sending mail on both Windows and non-Windows systems.
  • #1399334 by ArtistConk: Two small grammar fixes.
  • #1391426 by yched: Fixed Wrong bundles in EntityFieldQueryTestCase.
  • #1371938 by yched, Everett Zufelt, xjm, casey: Fixed hook_field_delete() no longer invoked during field_purge_data().
  • #1384224 by philbar, Plazik, oriol_e9g: Fixed Resize Site Logo in Seven Theme Maintenance Pages.
  • #1397890 by sun: Fixed DrupalWebTestCase::assertFieldByName() outputs bogus assertion message when no is passed.
  • #1397882 by sun: Fixed system_theme_settings_submit() does not properly clean up submitted form values.
  • #1181750 by Everett Zufelt, sun: Fixed Removal of 'Hidden' option in comment settings form may break programmatic form submissions.
  • #1315886 by xjm, jhodgdon: Clean up API docs for includes directory, files starting with A-C.
  • #1407028 by jhodgdon, arianek: Remove arianek from Maintainers.txt. We will miss you. :) Thanks for all of your awesome work! :D
  • #1338110 by aaron.r.carlton, oriol_e9g: Fixed remove the protected variable () if it's not used in tracker.test.
  • #1399896 by xjm: Fixed testCommentNewCommentsIndicator() is inside CommentHelperCase and therefore gets run repeatedly.
  • #1398806 by kiamlaluno: Fixed The purpose of hook_search_page() is explained twice.
  • #1336308 by kathyh, pjcdawkins, meshkinsoft: Fixed wrong usage of function t in system_menu().
  • #1376164 by sun, oriol_e9g: Fixed Format SimpleTestFunctionalTest description according to standards.
  • #1274212 by amateescu, c31ck: Fixed Incorrect order of choices in Poll module.
  • #939880 by amateescu, marcingy: Fixed Poll Module throws PDOException when creating poll content.
  • #1391384 by yched, oriol_e9g: Fixed Wrong static clear on taxonomy_vocabulary_save().
  • #1376502 by TR, vitalsouto: Fixed Code cleanup: Removed empty PHP blocks from templates left over from git migration.
  • #1387766 by dereine: Added Use fast drupal static pattern for locale.
  • #1295546 by c31ck, marcingy, amateescu, xjm: Fixed Weight and number of votes not getting saved when updating a poll.
  • #1344752 by pflame, aspilicious, JacobSingh: Fixed Drag and Drop of shortcuts between Enable and Disable Does not respect the Shortcuts Limit.
  • #1367014 by chris.leversuch: Clean up API docs for toolbar module.
  • #1227396 by chris.leversuch, jhodgdon: Document that hook_node_access() is not called on node listings.
  • #987472 by damien_vancouver, OnkelTem: Fixed search.module doesn't consistently support multibyte characters.
  • #1364528 by Everett Zufelt, catch: Add xjm as taxonomy module maintainer.
  • Revert "Issue #1371484 by makara: Fixed Private properties in abstract class DrupalCacheArray."
  • #1368872 by agentrickard, oriol_e9g: Clean up API docs for syslog.
  • #1273104 by TwoD, Rob Loach, nburles, nod_: Remove eval() from field_ui().js.
  • #1273722 by bfroehle: Fix FieldAttachTestCase::setUp() signature.
  • follow-up #1007830 by Damien Tournoud, basic: Fixed Nested transactions throw exceptions when they got out of scope.
  • #1359710 by xjm, pwolanin: Fixed taxonomy_menu() passes invalid arguments into taxonomy_form_term().
  • #1380660 by aspilicious, loganfsmyth: Fixed field_available_languages() static cache never cleared.
  • #1382144 by Chi: Rename variable in standard profile.
  • #1387002 by Rob Loach, nburles: Fixed Bug in overlay-parent.js when minified.
  • Revert "Issue #1039666 by Jelle_S: Fixed Placing a block in a region via select dropdown moves it to the top of the region, but it will show at the bottom."
  • #1370060 by jvns, chris.leversuch: Add cross-references between taxonomy_vocabulary_load() and taxonomy_vocabulary_machine_name_load().
  • #1379206 by c31ck, pingers: Fixed Documentation problem with hook_url_outbound_alter().
  • #1386318 by barbi: Fixed hook_field_widget_info() should have a @see to other function.
  • #1309278 by basic, Niklas Fiekas: Added Make PDO connection options configurable.
  • #1347812 by nanotube, xjm: Fixed Remove/replace documentation references to upload_file_load() and upload_file_delete().
  • #381994 by xjm, good_man, elcuco, brianV, yhager: Fixed Machine-name fields are always in Latin characters, and should therefore always be LTR.
  • #1359326 by xjm: Fixed t() documentation does not clearly indicate that options are documented in format_string() docs.
  • #1015916 by BTMash, jenlampton, theborg, Aron Novak, christefano, realityloop, xjm, Kevin Hankens: Fixed Image field 'title' allows more data than database column size.
  • #1025582 by sun: Added Custom db_select() 'conditions' parameter for menu_build_tree().
  • #1338428 by jbrown, BTMash, Tor Arne Thune: Fixed image_dimensions_scale() and image_scale_effect() are ungrokable and buggy.
  • #629518 by jhodgdon, reglogge, jvns, oriol_e9g: Fixed hook_node_insert() and other node hooks have imprecise/misleading descriptions.
  • #1039666 by Jelle_S: Fixed Placing a block in a region via select dropdown moves it to the top of the region, but it will show at the bottom.
  • #1332636 by sven.lauer, xjm: Clean up API docs for contact module.
  • #1323720 by xenophyle, xjm: Clean up API docs for block module.
  • #1325116 by xenophyle, xjm: Clean up API docs for Aggregator module.
  • #1326638 by sven.lauer, jhodgdon, xjm: Clean up API docs for field_ui() module.
  • #1332580 by sven.lauer, xjm: Clean up API docs for color module.
  • #1373634 by oriol_e9g, sun: Fixed Installation profile is not installed and not registered as module, unless identical to parent site.
  • #1373194 by chris.leversuch: Fixed Field Attach API topic/group page should link to Field Language API page.
  • #1371256 by ayelet_Cr, oriol_e9g: Document that QueryConditionInterface::condition() should not be used to add NULL conditions.
  • #942782 by pillarsdotnet, xjm, becw, timhilliard, JohnAlbin, jrchamp, Tor Arne Thune, Damien Tournoud, jn2, James Andres, dstol, melon, colan: Fixed Custom menus never receive an active trail.
  • #866292 by marcingy, ygerasimov, quicksketch, attiks, furamag: Fixed '0' not displayed as checkbox / radios options (nor as any element #title).
  • #1345480 by chris.leversuch, rbayliss: Fixed node_load() does not document FALSE return value.
  • #1362920 by scor, oriol_e9g: Wrong sitename variable in system.api.php.
  • #1366232 by sun: Fixed drupalCreateUser() breaks if testing site/profile does not install Comment module.
  • #678594 follow-up by mlncn: Add clarifying comment to RDFa markup for file/image formatters.
  • #1366740 by patrickd: Fixed theme_progress_bar() should have more information about when to use function.
  • #1319904 by rc_100, xjm, jhodgdon: Clean up API docs for help module.
  • #1347890 by sven.lauer, xjm, jhogdon: Clean up API docs for file module.
  • #1349610 by bartlantz, jhodgdon: Make the subtopics of Field API link back to it.
  • #1050466 by xjm, makara, rhayun: Fixed The taxonomy index should be maintained in a node hook, not a field hook.
  • #1371484 by makara: Fixed Private properties in abstract class DrupalCacheArray.
  • #1375134 by xjm, sun: Fixed Random test failure in TaxonomyTermTestCase::testNodeTermCreationAndDeletion().
  • #1240256 by lyricnz, Akaoni, jenspeter: Fixed file_unmanaged_copy() Fails with Drupal 7.7+ and safe_mode() or open_basedir().
  • #1373360 by sun: fatal error if optional Block module is not enabled.
  • #1258000 by chx, xjm, bfroehle: SelectQuery::countQuery() inappropriately removes SQL expressions.
  • #1265946 by klausi, tstoeckler, dereine, aspilicious: DoS against core using a large number of OR search query terms.
  • #1366804 by TR: 'End of foo group' on a couple of API pages due to not following standards.
  • Merge branch '7.x' of into 7.x
  • #1146088 by lyricnz: label always visible for table formatter.
  • Revert "Issue #813540 by jbrown, chx: Fixed Comparisons involving NULL must never return true."
  • #1229868 by nicl, DjebbZ: hook_form_BASE_FORM_ID_alter(), hook_form_alter(), and hook_form_FORM_ID_alter() doc inconsistent.
  • #479368 by Heine, Roger Saner, xjm, mcarbone, keichee, asimmonds: Fixed Create RFC compliant HTML safe JSON.
  • #953336 by sun: Fixed Contributed modules are not able to test theme-related functionality.
  • #1346760 by xjm: Fixed Drag and drop needs a scalable weight select element.
  • #1212992 by catch, xjm, chx, beejeebus, BTMash, bfroehle: Fixed major bug - Prevent tests from deleting main installation's tables when parent::setUp() is not called.
  • #1349610 by bartlantz: Added make the subtopics of Field API link back to it.
  • #1356358 by BTMash: Fixed Unknown variable in causes PDOException.
  • #673224 by rocket_nova, jhodgdon: Fixed None of the hooks in field.api.php are grouped as such.
  • #1322278 by rocket_nova, jhodgdon: Fixed Documentation problem with theme -- doesn't link to theme functions list.
  • #1167996 by rocket_nova, Sheldon Rampton: Fixed UPGRADE.txt needs to say all D6 contrib modules need to be upgraded to their latest D6 versions before the D6->D7 update.
  • #813540 by jbrown, chx: Fixed Comparisons involving NULL must never return true.
  • #1301522 by xjm, Rob Loach, David_Rothstein: Fixed field_ui_default_value_widget() does not pass along the entity type when it creates the default value form.
  • #1366518 by chris.leversuch: 'Columns' is misspelled (()) in theme_field_ui_table().
  • #1345152 by Zgear, chris.leversuch: field_create_field() and related functions have incorrect exception throwing docs.
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