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SHA-1: 1fb6bada0d6f29fffb45dc1032b29660a2f3fa08
SHA-256: 82041716e1790269d09ec4a1c4cca8899d0221509471d53ac793a320143e0cf0
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Release info

Created by: stefan.r
Created on: 7 Jul 2016 at 19:01 UTC
Last updated: 18 Oct 2017 at 18:35 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: Bug fixes, New features

Release notes

Maintenance release of the Drupal 7 series. Includes a variety of new features, improvements, and bug fixes (no major, non-backwards-compatible new functionality).

No security fixes are included in this release.

Drupal 7.50 is a version jump compared to the previous 7.44 release; this is to indicate that this Drupal 7 point release is a bit larger than past ones and makes a few more changes and new features available than normal. See the release announcement for more information about Drupal 7.50.

Two minor changes have been made to the robots.txt and default.settings.php files in this release:

Upgrading custom versions of these files to incorporate the above changes is recommended, but not required.

In addition, an .editorconfig file has been added:

No changes have been made to the .htaccess and web.config files in this release.

"The following module is missing from the file system..." warning messages

As of Drupal 7.50, Drupal will log a PHP warning message when it cannot find a file that it expects to be in the filesystem. See How to fix "The following module is missing from the file system..." warning messages for information on how to fix this warning message.

Known issues:

Major changes since 7.44:

  • #611294: Added a new "administer fields" permission for trusted users, which is required in addition to other permissions to use the field UI (change record).
  • #2514136: Added clickjacking protection to Drupal core by setting the X-Frame-Options header to SAMEORIGIN by default (change record).
  • #2488180: Added support for full UTF-8 (emojis, Asian symbols, mathematical symbols) on MySQL and other database drivers when the site and database are configured to allow it (change record).
  • #1081266: Improved performance by avoiding a re-scan of directories when a file is missing; instead, trigger a PHP warning (minor API change; see the change record).
  • #2747679 and #2760609: Made it possible to use any PHP callable in Ajax form callbacks, form API form-building functions, and form API wrapper callbacks (API addition; see the change record).
  • #889772: Fixed that following a password reset link while logged in leaves users unable to change their password (minor user interface change; see the change record).
  • #2620104 and #2656548: Implemented various fixes for automated test failures on PHP 5.4+ and PHP 7. Drupal core automated tests now pass in these environments.
  • #2656548: Improved support for PHP 7 by fixing various problems.
  • #2215369: Fixed various bugs with PHP 5.5+ imagerotate(), including when incorrect color indices are passed in.
  • #2678822: Fixed a regression introduced in Drupal 7.43 that allowed files uploaded by anonymous users to be lost after form validation errors, and that also caused regressions with certain contributed modules.
  • #2502263: Fixed a regression introduced in Drupal 7.36 which caused the default value of hidden textarea fields to be ignored.
  • #2364343: Fixed robots.txt to allow search engines to access CSS, JavaScript and image files (change record).
  • #2470145: Changed wording on the Update Manager settings page to clarify that the option to check for disabled module updates also applies to uninstalled modules (administrative-facing translatable string change).
  • #2418209: Changed the help text when editing menu links and configuring URL redirect actions so that it does not reference "Drupal" or the website (administrative-facing translatable string change).
  • #2371861: Fixed the locale safety check that is used to ensure that translations are safe to allow for tokens in the href/src attributes of translated strings.
  • #1645156: Fixed that URL generation only works on port 80 when using domain based language negotation.
  • #1116326: Made method="get" forms work inside the administrative overlay. The fix adds a new hidden field to these forms when they appear inside the overlay (minor data structure change).
  • #2578173: Increased maxlength of menu link title input fields in the node form and menu link form from 128 to 255 characters.
  • #2646280: Removed meaningless post-check=0 and pre-check=0 cache control headers from Drupal HTTP responses.
  • #1713662: Added a .editorconfig file to auto-configure editors that support it (change record).
  • #2551981: Added --directory option to for easier test discovery of all tests within a project.
  • #2189345: Made exit with a failure code when there are test fails or problems running the script.
  • #2491353: Fixed that cookies from previous tests are still present when a new test starts in DrupalWebTestCase.
  • #2634840: Improved performance of queries on the {authmap} database table.
  • #412808: Fixed handling of missing files and functions inside the registry.
  • #1458824: Fixed Ajax handling for tableselect form elements that use checkboxes.
  • #1327728: Fixed a bug which caused ip_address() to return nothing when the client IP address and proxy IP address are the same.
  • #2393461: Added a new option to format_xml_elements() to allow for already encoded values.
  • #2633334: Changed the {history} table's node ID field to be an unsigned integer, to match the same field in the {node} table and to prevent errors with very large node IDs.
  • #2674028: Added an explicit page callback to the "admin/people/create" menu item in the User module (minor data structure change). Previously this automatically inherited the page callback from the parent "admin/people" menu item, which broke contributed modules that override the "admin/people" page.

All changes since 7.44:


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