Download drupal-7.0-rc1.tar.gztar.gz 2.57 MB
MD5: b554e79cf60c02d4dec592151c4b58ee
SHA-1: ea99eb47dc400895baa481ec41be19d56d183b8b
SHA-256: 8bea3c48904688c6fe81ec6aa8e677b0096a3113bf5f5588572fe00af0917de9
Download drupal-7.0-rc1.zipzip 3.01 MB
MD5: 636968d3106d4e27623d3518eb52c54f
SHA-1: 05c533fe92f4513280008b41eeec0eaec22bf8bd
SHA-256: 004db7c38d1ca07b4a35c2a5df04f38e340a98f53ec7e6636aa99e94b3afb611

Release info

Created by: webchick
Created on: 1 Dec 2010 at 07:55 UTC
Last updated: 4 Dec 2010 at 03:13 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x

Release notes

Changes since DRUPAL-7-0-BETA3:

  • - Patch #971010 by Dave Reid: the [vocabulary:term-count] token has the wrong name 'Node count'.
  • #950986 by Jeff Burnz, webchick: Fixed Bartik's footer doesn't work without scrolling.
  • #967132 by tim.plunkett: Fix hard-coded forum colours.
  • #929440 by jensimmons, threewestwinds, rjgoldsborough: Unify the display of preview regions in block demonstration in Bartik.
  • #860154 by Zoltán Balogh, zserno, Gábor Hojtsy: Fixed Locale module does not import the plural forms from compact files.
  • #971090 by scor, rgristroph: Fixed place maxlength on taxonomy tag field to prevent data truncation.
  • #923826 by catch, carlos8f, moshe weitzman: Fixed entity delete operations should use transactions.
  • #833158 by tim.plunkett: Fixed bug with poll text overlap in Bartik.
  • #878092 follow-up by sun, David_Rothstein: Fixed Regression from D7 alpha: themes are unable to render one group of node links separately from another.
  • #740258 by coltrane, mr.baileys: Fixed Permissions not shown when module human-readable name conflicts.
  • #885014 by bojanz, chx: Fixed add missing pager and tablesort query support to EntityFieldQuery.
  • #938536 by David_Rothstein: Fixed User account tokens in _user_mail_text() should not be sanitized.
  • #895140 follow-up by David_Rothstein: Tests to ensure older versions of modules are not chosen over new ones.
  • #950138 follow-up by yched: Small comment whitespace fix.
  • #963612 by chx, sun: Stop notices in templates if comment form doesn't exist.
  • #844734 by Jeff Burnz, tim.plunkett, dead_arm: Catch preview.css up to style.css changes so color.module changes are accurately reflected.
  • #553944 by sun: Define hook_menu_get_item_alter() as a reliable hook that runs before the page is generated.
  • #787684 by sivaji: Role admin page should say something when you save
  • #811898 by Jeff Burnz, canaryMason: Improve look of Bartik's search result page.
  • #953914 by chx, yched, effulgentsia, pifantastic: Fixed #limit_validation_errors fails is parents array contains numeric indexes.
  • #969456 by amateescu: Update to jQuery Forms 2.49
  • - Patch #964882 by tim.plunkett: Context Links menu stays visible on top of Overlay content on iOS devices.
  • - Patch #973242 by pp: inconsistent type name.
  • - Patch #883764 by tim.plunkett: block OL indentation needs attention.
  • - Patch #973488 by amateescu, Volx: wrong default value in user admin settings form.
  • - Patch #953914 by chx, yched, pifantastic: #limit_validation_errors() fails is parents array contains numeric indexes.
  • - Patch #934774 by Coornail, Damien Tournoud: Css aggregation includes a lots of empty newlines.
  • - Patch #958456 by rschwab, dww: update module uses incorrect variable for maintenance mode.
  • - Patch #972380 by wulff: duplicate word in hook_help().
  • - Patch #973758 by mdm: Missing asterisk in field.api.php phpdoc.
  • - Patch #974606 by Crell: misnamed function in hook documentation.
  • #874326 follow-up by rfay: Fix watchdog message typo.
  • - Patch #975206 by arianek: update Documentation maintainers.
  • - Patch #935036 by bfroehle, dww: file exists in FileTransferFTPExtension->createDirectoryJailed().
  • - Patch #975168 by JohnAlbin: JohnAlbin++
  • - Patch #973804 by amateescu: remove unecessary rdftype definition in standard profile.
  • - Patch #973588 by tim.plunkett: Bartik block styling tied to classes that also control layout.
  • - Patch #944198 by sun: functions that call drupal_system_listing() act on potentially invalid system items.
  • - Patch #917000 by corbacho, tstoeckler: follow convention for CVS // $.
  • - Patch #937698 by rschwab: 'Enable newly added modules in [Module Group]' is awkward, should be 'Enable newly added modules'.
  • - Patch #896828 by Jeff Burnz, Manuel Garcia, yoroy, bleen18: no visual connection between the active tab and its content.
  • #151452 by David_Rothstein, Dave Reid, tstoeckler: Fixed uninstalling modules does not follow dependencies.
  • #599706 follow-up by JohnAlbin, sun: Regression: Restore consistency to theme_menu_local_tasks() theme function
  • #969346 by merlinofchaos, sun: Fixed CTools AJAX regression: AJAX calls made with things that are not forms cannot use the throbber.
  • #898360 by sun, catch: Cache node types - saves 7% in MySQL in sites using memcache for caching backend
  • #208611 by effulgentsia, ksenzee, p.brouwers, et al: Fixed drupal_add_js() includes settings twice and breaks certain JS files.
  • #222109 by David_Rothstein: Fix documentation for module_list().
  • #830704 by fago, effulgentsia, Frando: Fixed entity forms cannot be properly extended.
  • #550254 by Damien Tournoud, sun: Fixed some causes of menu links are sometimes not properly re-parented.
  • #515262 by Everett Zufelt, mgifford: Fixed Autocomplete requires ARIA for screen-reader users
  • #939568 by merlinofchaos, sun: Enable finer control for ajax-using modules of the trigger response in the ajax object.
  • #460448 follow-up by chx: Replace advanced regex incompatible with PCRE < 7.2 with function-based approach.
  • #975806 by amateescu, modesia: Fix incorrect page structure in hook_page_alter() docs.
  • #964092 by Stalski, yched: Fixed Errors when integrating fieldgroup rows on 'Manage fields' screen
  • #841266 by das-peter, yched: Fixed Missing label for boolean fields when adding content
  • #904308 by drunken monkey: Fixed 'Most recent poll' block doesn't show links
  • #678592 by jhodgdon, effulgentsia, David Rothstein, iLLin: Fixed Admin theme is used is for adding taxonomy term, but not for editing taxonomy term
  • #964072 by BarisW: Fixed TItle attribute on 'Update notes' link should not include HTML tags
  • #920600 by bojanz, solotandem: Fixed Document the deprecated parameter in entity_load()
  • #880368 by tstoeckler, jhodgdon: Fixed Document how to load external files with #attached
  • #875132 follow-up by seutje, sun, Jacine: Better method of preventing contextual links from cutting off in footer.
  • #942310 by an.droid, yched, fago, sun: Fixed Field form cannot be attached more than once
  • #971400 by Gábor Hojtsy: Fix links to language project sources in locale module.
  • #942060 by Sweetchack: Add draggability to the new image effect row in image style table.
  • #686938 by yched: Fix notice Undefined index: admin in _field_ui_bundle_admin_path()
  • #955414 by bfroehle: Fixedd user_get_authmaps: respect proper key-value ordering as in description
  • #971440 by Azol: Small coding standards fixes for field_ui.js
  • #606966 by chx, sun, mr.baileys: Fixed 'load arguments' of parent path are not inherited
  • #926212 by plach, bforchhammer: Fixed URLs rewritten with disabled languages
  • #950028 by amateescu: Put context around the string 'Strong' for translators.
  • #970016 by EclipseGc: Fixed taxonomy_field_schema lacks any foreign key support
  • #970002 by EclipseGc: Fixed file field foreign key table is incorrect
  • #338055 by plach: Fixed Ensure non-default languages always have a path prefix
  • #972918 by jhodgdon: Add api documentation for class attribute for the l() function
  • #977184 by Stevel. Mark Trapp: Fixed test that failed in PHP 5.3 environments.
  • #933856 by Damien Tournoud: Fixed xpath() return values are inconsistent, leading to failing tests on some environments.
  • #828648 by oadaeh, David_Rothstein: Fixed module_load_install should check and return results
  • - Patch #827116 by jhodgdon, marvil07: search API is inconsistent in /, and generally needs doc cleanup.
  • - Patch #968466 by Dave Reid: user search does not use format_username().
  • - Patch #830020 by chx, yched: field_get_display() does not get the entity.
  • #931736 by dww: Fixed No upgrade path for the D6 'file_directory_temp' setting.
  • - Patch #867114 by jhodgdon, mgifford, sun: search results should add lang tag if language of search result differs.
  • - Patch #976758 by pwolanin, sun: existing machine names are changed when human readable name is changed (e.g. node type, vocabulary).
  • #601548 follow-up by David_Rothstein: Remaining clean-ups from drupal_placeholder() patch.
  • #853926 by yched: Fixed Wrong order of multi-value file fields when form rebuilt (preview, failed validation)
  • #672954 by effulgentsia, Jacine: Fixed Wrap inline CSS with explicit CDATA
  • #911290 by bspellmeyer: Fixed user-customizable block settings broken.
  • #284625 by bforchhammer, plach: Fixed Non-localized links in translation table
  • #934634 by carlos8f: Fix error on update if cache_path table is already present.
  • #74673 by jhodgdon, mcarbone: Search does not correctly handle large numbers (> maxint) so you cannot search by UPC code.
  • #552000 follow-up by philbar: Smush all remaining core images to cut down on filesize.
  • #49428 by levavie, mgifford, joachim, et al: Include node title in 'Read more' link for better accessibility and SEO
  • #405238 by brianV: Fixed Duplicate ID 'new' in forums breaks XHTML validation
  • #126070 by RobRoy, JohnAlbin, manarth, et al: Fixed module_invoke('block', 'view', ...) doesn't return subject
  • #674082 by seutje: Fixed Table borders are not correctly drawn in Webkit in Seven theme
  • - Patch #944484 by xmacinfo: performance bandwidth optimization text do not match latest aggregation performance fix.
  • - Patch #978326 by marcingy: taxonomy_term_page() uses pre-render-array theming.
  • - Patch #919596 by mathroc, AnalogFile, dmitrig01: alias to /web cause 404 http response ode.
  • - Patch #557298 by Arancaytar, David_Rothstein: drupal_override_server_variables() does not properly override SCRIPT_NAME.
  • - Patch #922788 by sun: update.php does not invoke hook_requirements()('update') in all modules.
  • #939962 by rwohleb, chx, quicksketch: Fixed File field allowed extensions JS broken in Chrome on OS X
  • #778528 by plach: Fix tests for Define the language switcher's correct behavior
  • #794954 by rjgoldsborough, canaryMason: Fixed Bartik bug In IE7, footer menu items are not inline
  • #298561 by Steven, chx, mcarbone, pwolanin: Fixed slashes don't work in search
  • #867956 follow-up by sun: Clean-ups to previous patch
  • #898360 by sun: Add caching for node types.
  • #126070 follow-up by David_Rothstein: Rollback of previous patch; needs discussion/deferrment until D8.
  • #853954 by Gábor Hojtsy, joachim: Fix misleading 'all content' on user cancellation operations.
  • #655742 by sun, jide: Add template variable for outputting HTML HEAD title safely.
  • - Patch #884948 by David_Rothstein: the wrong parameter is sometimes passed in to hook_node_load().
  • - Patch #794936 by c960657, amateescu: system_rebuild_module_data() called twice on admin/build/modules.
  • - Patch #74673 by jhodgdon, mcarbone, sin, douggreen: added back a test.
  • #602484 by rschwab: Fix the report page when authorize.php completes an update manager operation.
  • #935036 roll-back. Caused problems on PHP 5.2.
  • #608894 follow-up by mr.baileys: Better method of hiding Profile module from the UI on new sites.
  • #952528 by jptavan: Add missing break; to system help to prevent actions help from showing up on maintenance page.
  • #790556 follow-up by aschiwi, bleen18, tim.plunkett, jensimmons: Various bug fixes to Bartik's maintenance page template
  • - Patch #972136 by tim.plunkett, starnox: site name alignment wrong with no logo.
  • - Patch #932754 by Jeff Burnz: tables with headers in tbody as opposed to thead need to be styled.
  • - Patch #802524 by CrookedNumber, aaronbauman: node_add() still unnecessarily complex (and confusing).
  • - Patch #916570 by sun, klausi: allow to run only certain test methods.
  • #962458 by BarisW, Crell: Fixed database driver names aren't translated.
  • - Patch #561226 by fago, sun, effulgentsia, YesCT, marcingy: forms (elements) need to able to specify include files to be loaded for building.
  • - Patch #669510 by quicksketch, David_Rothstein, Dave Reid, casey, Gábor Hojtsy, mrfelton, effulgentsia: merge administration theme with hook_admin_paths().
  • - Patch #851136 by Damien Tournoud, Crell, chx: make the database autoloading more robust.
  • - Patch #752226 by sun, carlos8f, JohnAlbin, chx: module_invoke() doesn't work with hooks placed in include files via hook_hook_info().
  • Rolling back #851136. Broke SQLite installation.
  • #983562 by amateescu: Remove extra bracket from Bartik css.
  • #346494 by hswong3i, Pancho, Dave Reid, duellj, dalin: Fixed DB drivers need to be able to change the configure database form during install
  • #818660 by yched, sun: Provide an AJAX command to invoke simple jQuery methods.
  • #851136 by Crell, chx, Damien Tournoud: Make the database autoloading more robust.
  • #917730 by rfay, David_Rothstein: Fixed various RSS feed links (with tests).
  • #895898 by Jeff Burnz: Fixed Comment user picture can overflow its container in Bartik
  • #947844 by sun: Clean up filter-related tests that load text formats by their human-readable name.
  • #875674 by pwolanin, jbrown: Report DB version in Status report.
  • - Patch #863318 by carlos8f, andypost, chx, Dave Reid, plach: wrong sort order of aliases for different languages.
  • #606190 follow-up by rschwab, dww, Bojhan: Better workflow links in update manager.
  • #826486 by kscheirer, drunken monkey, tstoeckler, jhodgdon, sun: Fixed format_date() does not respect admin-defined date formats
  • #984896 by Crell: Remove wrong references to 'query ID' in DBTNG docs.
  • - Patch #954804 by ksenzee, merlinofchaos: all .js in /misc should be registered as a library.
  • - Patch #973588 by Jeff Burnz: added missing RTL styling.
  • - Patch #903046 by tim.plunkett, Jeff Burnz: cleanup bartiks maintenance-page.tpl.php.
  • - Patch #975134 by rschwab: improve links for steps after installing new theme.
  • - Patch #651240 by fago, sun: allow modules to react to changes to an entity.
  • #932502 by yched, jgraham: Fixed Changing allowed values in List fields changes key associations.
  • #501408 by flobruit, PieterDC, yched: Allow user fields to be displayed on registration form.
  • #977596 by Stevel, sun, dalin, David_Rothstein: Fixed Text format loses weight and status when saving settings
  • #935036 by bfroehle, dww, int: Exclude '.' and '..' when recursing through directories in update module.
  • #364470 follow-up by Dave Reid, JohnAlbin, et al: Move submitted by back into a variable. The string approach was too limited.
  • #886752 by jhodgdon: Fixed SQL error on PostgreSQL in comment.module
  • #985184 by Steven Jones: Fix brain-o in Batch query causing bad performance on large tables.
  • #609772 by dww, JacobSingh, ksenzee: Fixed Impossible to extend the FileTransfer class system in contrib
  • #978144 by Damien Tournoud: Fixed cache_get_multiple() inconsistent with cache_get()
  • #705306 follow-up by sun: Improved documentation for hook_user_cancel().
  • #690622 by jhodgdon: Remove the word 'node' from various strings.
  • #602484 follow-up by rschwab, dww: Fixes to update manager page title.
  • #961292 by yoroy: 'Close the drawer' needs a better title for screen readers
  • #932502 rolled back. Needs more work.
  • #678606 by jhodgdon, andypost: Fixed Tab titles on Trigger page are not clear


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