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This module only supports the Echo API prior to E2 launch
The JS-Kit Echo module enables integration with the JS-Kit Echo service. The module enables visitors of your site to view and post comments for the current node through the JS-Kit Echo service. These comments can be displayed within the content area, in a separate block or both. As of release 6.x-2.0 the module can also display the number of comments for a node as a link with the teaser or even as a field in a view. External Profile Binding allows authenticated users of your Drupal site to login into JS-Kit Echo automatically and has been introduced in version 6.x-2.4.

Follow the next three steps to enable JS-Kit Echo:

Step 1 - Get a JS-Kit Echo registration

  • New Echo accounts are not supported by this module

Step 2 - Install the JS-Kit Echo module for Drupal

  • Download the JS-Kit Echo module from the project page.
  • Install the JS-Kit Echo module like any other module as described here.

Step 3 - Administer the JS-Kit Echo module
After downloading and installing the module you should go to the administration page to enable comments for at least one node type.

The administration page (Administer > Site configuration > JS-Kit Echo) for this module is divided in the following sections:

  • Node settings - to enable JS-Kit Echo for one or more node types and more
  • Domain settings - for configuring an alternative domain and RSS settings for your comments
  • Customization settings - for configuration of all common JS-Kit Echo customizations
  • External Profile Binding - for configuration of JS-Kit Echo External Profile Binding parameters

If you need more specific customizations you can provide these through Drupal's theme system. For this purpose the module provides several theme hooks.

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.