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This module only supports the Echo API prior to E2 launch
The customization settings section on the administration page (Administer > Site configuration > JS-Kit Echo) of the JS-Kit Echo module consists of six settings. Note that these settings are the settings offered by the JS-Kit Echo widget. You can read more about the available customizations here (page removed by Echo).


You can override the default "Leave a comment" message by entering a label in this text field. Otherwise leave it blank.


You can break long lists of comments into multiple pages by specifying the number of comments per page. Otherwise leave it blank.


You can check this box to make the comments on a page appear in reverse chronological order. This attribute also places the comments controls at the top of the comments box.


Use this checkbox to turn threading on/off.

Admin background color

Use this attribute to change the background color of post made by site admin. Allows users to easily recognize site admin.

Flash color

Use this attribute to override the default flashing background color used to highlight a post that has just been submitted. Default color is yellow.


2009/08/10: JS-Kit Echo doesn't support any other skins then the default (See JS-Kit Blog).

You can override the default skin by entering the name of the desired skin (e.g. "echo") in the text field. Otherwise leave it blank for the default that is set on your JS-Kit administration page. Note that the name is case sensitive.


2009/08/10: JS-Kit Echo doesn't allow you to turn off avatars

Use this checkbox to turn avatars on/off.

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