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Using Facebook Autopost to post node creation to a FB account

Configure Facebook App

  • Go to and create a developers account.
  • Click on '+Create new app'
    • Give your app a name and (optional) namespace
  • Take note of the APP ID and APP Secret

Installing Module

  • Download Facebook-SDK and install at sites/all/libraries/facebook-php-sdk/ (make note of the folder name, as you might need to change it)
  • Download fb_autopost module in to your modules folder and enable 'Facebook Autopost' and 'Facebook Permissions' modules
  • Check Status Report to see if there are any errors

Configure Module

  • Go to admin/config/services/fbautopost and enter your APP ID and APP secret, and save (You get this from on the newly created APP page.)
  • Login in to your facebook account

Adding a new Facebook publication type

Building upon the API

Important: Enabling the Facebook app

The below steps assume that you are on and Logged in.

  • Select your application from the left sidebar.
  • Select 'App Review' and complete the process to take the Application 'live'.
  • Click enable the toggle at the top of the page to take the Application 'live' (this is quite easy to miss, actually).

Note that posts added to Facebook using Facebook Autopost shall not be visible to users other than yourself unless the Facebook App you have configured for this purpose is taken live.

Using non standard Facebook features

Non standard facebook features are considered those features that do not apply to the vast majority of the facebook publication types. This would be, for instance, RSVP to an event.

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