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* Introduction
* Requirements
* Installation
* Configuration
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The LinkedIn Company API Suite is intended to be a addon suite of modules to the
LinkedIn Integration module, and is intended to encapsulate the functionality contained within the LinkedIn Company API.

It currently contains two modules

LinkedIn Company
This module creates the functionality to authenticate as an organization with LinkedIn. Unlike the LinkedIn module which forces users to authenticate at the individual profile level, this module adds button that allows an admin with access to the company profile to authenticate and generate an OAuth token specific to the company that works sitewide.

LinkedIn Company Shares
This module pulls in the recent LinkedIn company shares and puts them into a themeable block. You can adjust the number of shares to show.

We intend to add additional modules in the future to support the other company API integrations such as jobs and product postings.

This module requires the following modules

* LinkedIn

* Install as you would normally install a contributed drupal module. See here
for further information.
* If you haven't already, install and configure the LinkedIn module.
* If you don't already have one, create a developer account for LinkedIn and use that account to register your sites application.
* In your application settings, where it says "OAuth 2.0 Redirect URLs" be sure
to add "" to the list of urls
replacing with your sites domain.
* If they don't already have entries, add your API Key and Secret Key from the
LinkedIn app to there respective places under "Base Settings" on the
configuration screen.
* Add your LinkedIn company ID under admin/config/services/linkedin. You can
use the LinkedIn company lookup tool in order to determine your company ID.
The lookup tool can be found
* Click authorize and follow the instructions in order to authorize your
* From there assign the LinkedIn Company Shares block to the region of your

* Configure user permissions in Administration » People » Permissions:
- Administer LinkedIn Company Settings
- Allows users to customize the LinkedIn Company administrative settings.
* Customize module settings including number of shares to display and share caching time in admin/config/services/linkedin

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