Last updated 14 January 2014. Created on 7 June 2013.
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PZ is a Drupal integration for Pazpar2 metasearch solution. It is inspired by the very good mkdru module but is intended to provide an advanced search form.

Quick start

  1. Download, install and enable the module like every other Drupal module
  2. Go to Admin » Configuration » Search » PZ configuration
  3. Fill in the base URL of PazPar2, and the list of targets, in the format described in the page
  4. Search page is available at /pz/search_page (no menu entries are automatically created)


PZ can be configured automatically by querying PazPar2 configuration through its webservice. However, this requires the latest dev version of PazPar2:;a=summary
To configure automatically PZ module:

  1. go to Admin » Configuration » Search » PZ configuration
  2. fill the base url to your pazpar2 installation - ex: http://localhost:8004
  3. click on "Auto-configure" button

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.