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Single Sign-On as defined on Wikipedia is "a property of access control of multiple related, but independent software systems". In this context Drupal is most often the service provider, the system on which the user wishes to access resources that may be restricted based on the users identity (roles, permissions, per user access control etc). Note that SSO is different than OpenID, Facebook Connect, etc that simply provide the authentication mechanism with which a login attempt on a site that uses these technologies will be processed. With SSO, a user, once logged in on one of the cooperating sites, is immediately logged in on the othes site as well.

In SSO systems a third party service offers the identification and authorization mechanism and is responsible of informing Drupal that a given users identity can be trusted.

The following modules provide Single Sign-On support for Drupal (list is a work in progress, feel free to edit it):

If you are looking for module SSO Module of drupal, use CAS module as the former SSO module is unsupported now.

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.


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I am creating a ecommerce website for saling the products and want to maintain product catelog in salesforce.
I want to implement SSO for authenticated users.
Drupal will be an Identity Provider and Salesforce will be a Service Provider.
Will it be possible in drupal? pls provide step by step guide for implementing it. It would be helpful.


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I am not pretty sure what is PRISM and protocol that it follows for the authentication.
But as I have got requirement to implement SSO using PRISM I would like to know does this module supports PRISM authentication?
Any support links or idea would be great help.

Thanks in advance,