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Provides integration with Libraries API (2.x) and a Drush Make script to download the AWS SDK for PHP (github). This module is required for Amazon S3 integration.

Here is an example drush command for downloading the matching SDK. This drush command would be run from the root of the Drupal project.

drush make sites/all/modules/contrib/awssdk/awssdk.make ./ --no-core

All versions prior to 7.x-5.0 (i.e. 7.x-4.8 and below) correspond to the AWS SDK version number.
4.x -> 1.4.x
3.x -> 1.3.x
2.x -> 1.2.x

Compatibility Table

SDK Version Module Version
>= 1.5.x.x; < 1.5.4.x 7.x-5.1
>= 1.5.x.x; < 1.5.4.x 7.x-5.2
>= 1.5.4.x 7.x-5.3

Incompatible versions
The following versions contain bugs that do not allow them to work properly.

To use AWSSDK version 2, refer to

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.


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Important to note that git must be installed on server for this to work properly. Otherwise you'll get an "unable to clone" error.
sudo yum install git
sudo apt-get install git

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Searching for awssdk zip
The end result after extracting the library should be sites/.../libraries/awssdk/sdk.class.php

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Who know where it goes later but as of the middle of 2016, there are links to download the older SDK versions at the end of .