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If you have agreements with providers that host content with your site's look and feel wrapped around it you will commonly face the problem of the look and feel at the provider becoming out dated over time. The third_party_wrappers module is designed to allow you to create pages for use in syndicating your look and feel to the content providers so that it is always up to date.

The third_party_wrappers module allows you to take any page of your site and turn it into a header/footer pair or provide it as full page with URLs, image and stylesheet references converted to absolute references.

It works by taking any page on your site, looking for a configurable token that indicates where a split should be performed, adjusting URLs and returning the requested portion of the page (top, bottom, all). Assume you wanted to create a wrapper for a provider of pet related news. You would do the following:

  1. Create a page with an area for the content and the layout you desire and assign it a path. For this example we'll use pets/wrapper as the path. This page can be created using any method you desire (Drupal Page, Story, generated by another module, etc.) as long as it contains the content token indicating where content will eventually be located.
  2. Ensure that the configured content token is located where the content for the page should eventually go. This is typically done by placing a custom block in the content area but can also be done in your template if desired.
  3. Give the provider the URLs to fetch the newly created wrappers from. If your provider needs a header and footer, use URLs of the form and If your provider requires a full page use the URL

The provider can fetch the wrappers each time they generate a page or on a periodic basis to keep your look and feel up to date on their site.

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