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The flux Service integration API provides a framework for flux integration with any remote service. While it has been created for the fluxkraft module suite, it is useful on its own as well.

The module eases integrating Drupal with remote services like twitter, facebook, your own web service or whatever. It exposes an admin UI for managing service connection settings and service accounts. By default it exposes no functionality for end-users, but it comes with an optional extension module that allows end-users to create personal service accounts.


  • PSR-0: Drupal-8-style development in Drupal 7 (note that D8 now follows PSR-4)
  • A simple class-based plugin system, including discovery
  • Plugin types for exposing new service endpoint and service account plugins
  • Service endpoint and account base classes for easy implementation of OAuth (1 or 2) based on Guzzle
  • Base-classes for easy remote entity creation, including metadata
  • Class-based plugin discovery for exposing (remote) entity types
  • Remote-entity integration with EFQ, including useful base classes

For API documentation check the included fluxservice.api.php file.
A good example to look at is the flux twitter API.

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.