Last updated 4 November 2015. Created on 20 August 2002.
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Please note, drupal module has been removed from Core as of Drupal 6. It will instead be available as the contrib "site_network" module.

The Drupal module uses the XML-RPC network communication protocol to connect your site with a directory server.

Enabling the Drupal module will:

  1. allow members on all sites using the Drupal module to login to your site without registering using their distributed identification and vice versa.
  2. allow members to login to any other site which uses the Drupal module, using a login name which looks much like an email address for your site:

The Drupal module administration page allows you to set the xml-rpc server page. The listing of your site in a site directory will occur shortly after your sites next cron run.

You can:

  1. run your cron job manually at your sites cron page.
  2. view the XML-RPC page.
  3. administer Drupal administer >> settings >> drupal.

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