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Setting up a development environment should be pretty straightforward since this is mostly a vanilla installation of the products. But just so we have consistent environments here is a quick guide.

  • Apache 2.x with PHP 5 (curl, json, SimpleXML)
  • MySQL
  • Java and Ant


  1. Setup Acquia out-of-the-box install from
  • If not using Aquia Drupal, be sure to install CCK, as we'll be using this shortly
  • Setup Alfresco Labs 3.0c out-of-the-box install
    • Assume using Tomcat bundle and configured for MySQL
    • Alfresco Labs 3 Stable (aka "3d") also works
    • Alfresco 3.x Enterprise also works.
  • Download code from
  • Install Alfresco-Drupal modules
    • Copy (or symlink) modules/alfresco to Drupal install modules directory (sites/all/modules or sites//modules)
  • Enable the Alfresco module
  • Set the Alfresco configuration settings
  • Verify by browsing to http://localhost:8080/alfresco/info
  • If you are working with the checked out code, you can use Ant to deploy the module to Drupal.

    1. Create a file using the file provided as an example
    2. Do Ant build

    Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.


    cybertoast’s picture

    In point 4, that really should be the CMIS-Alfresco module (since there's a separate Alfresco module, which is NOT what's being referenced here).

    The Alfresco Configuration Settings will only appear if the CMIS Alfresco Ticket module is enabled. To set the option go to admin/settings/cmis/alfresco.

    Some Open Atrium specific stuff following. Since Atrium does not really provide the standard Drupal interface, to make sure that the basic CMIS functionality is working, go to:

    • cmis/info to get your CMIS' properties
    • cmis/browser to browse your CMIS' repository
    • cmis/opensearch to search for content within your CMIS

    Making the Alfresco CMIS module show up in your Atrium dashboard requires that it be bundled as a Feature, which it appears Jeff Potts will be doing (per this post, where he also demo'ed Open Atrium + Alfresco)